Thursday, February 23, 2012

Read my rants , make a donation and yeah I’m not Frank Serpico who exposed corruption in the Police Department I’m The Other Serpico, Ralph Serpico and I complain about everything else and if you think that is rude blame it on the fact that I am from New York. Travel and Leisure magazine published a list of the cities voted the rudest in the United States. And yeah baby we are number one!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Figures New Yorkers are the number one rudest people in the country. Sorry.
New York
Washington DC
Los Angeles
Dallas-Fort Worth
There they are listed from 1-10 from rudest at the top of the list. And the list is heavily loaded with people that live on the east coast. Los Angeles ,Phoenix and Dallas have a dubious distinction. The rude reputation of New Yorkers extend to these other cities because many New Yorkers move to Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Boston, so we can take credit for most of the friggin list. We stop at Dallas, Atlanta and the rest because we ain’t gonna speak any other kind of accent.
We New Yorkers are not really rude we just express ourselves differently. We come to the point and say whatever comes to our mind with out reflecting if it is really the right thing to say out loud at the moment. Ok, we’re rude. And we are often in a bad mood too. What do you expect from a city of at least 8 Million people living practically on top of each other and things are so expensive in New York. You want nice? Forget about it!
So we are often in a bad mood and the millions you meet on the street and in your computers are great people down deep. There are so many of us on a given day that we cant avoid getting in each other’s way. So, we are in a big hurry with lots to do we don’t have no time for you! Ok so we may seem to be a little obnoxious to you. Deal with it!
And any city that didn’t make it on the list. Well you probably aren’t that nice either you just didn’t make it to the top 10 list. Be jealous in just a little way. I guess not. Look my hearing bill just rose an additional $75 from last month’s bill and with no explanation from the oil companies or the politicians. So, when I got no one to complain to I’ll be rude to YOU so keep out of my way.
Years ago you could pick up the phone and dial and get someone fleshy to complain to maybe even have an argument. Now there are phone system programs everywhere where you can press one through ten in a recording and still talk to no one and still never get an answer to your questions and still be really mad so … don’t expect me to be nice.

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