Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama does something great for the American people again and nobody knows it. He really needs better promotion people. Well, the reason no one knows about it is because he did something that will benefit all people and not the rich corporations that have plenty of money to pay for advertising to promote anything they feel like promoting. Recently President Obama opposed the pipeline of natural gas that was to come from Canada.
All the Republicans criticized him meanwhile this was the type of thing he would have caved in in the past the way he caved into all the bailouts he supported in corporate America when he first came into office. Now he is finally standing up to these money hungry bullies and saying NO. He did the right thing. He did the brave thing because he had to take on the muscle of the big oil companies including the American Petroleum Institute which is the oil companies association, their lobbying group.
The members of Congress who tried to expedite this bill who tried to railroad it through a arbitrary deadline, received $42Million dollars from the oil industries and they were pushing it through the process of acceptance. Because Obama had the people power behind him, the had the support to do the right thing.
He had the support from Bill McKibben, the great Naturalist Writer and his organization called and The National Resources Defense Council that brought thousands of people to Washington to show the President that he could do the right thing and that they would have his back. Franklyn Roosevelt once said to the Union Representatives to make him do the right thing go out and build popular sports.
Lyndon Johnson put his arm around Martin Luther King and said go out there to make it possible for me to do the right thing. A progressive President cannot do something progressive unless he has people supporting his causes. So McKibben and the organizers of all the causes, protest and protest over the years.
What exactly are they protesting? The issue with the pipeline is not only the technical issues but the tactics of the corporations. The real issue was the integrity of the political process. There was collusion between high government officials and the industry to get this through before the public had a chance to be heard. They stopped it and they also gave the President the ammunition to fight the right battles. He couldn’t have done it without the people power.
That is why the Occupy Wall Street Protestors are so important right now to build the support for change. It is almost a boycott of these companies to make them wake up that people really do have powers in numbers. You do not necessarily have to sit down in a dirty street and get hit over the head by some cop and be dragged off to be arrested for basically harming no one. By organizing web sites geared to a cause that you believe in, by being a member of that organization you can be heard and your views will be acknowledged. Yes the good old fashioned petition.

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