Sunday, February 5, 2012

It is Superbowl Sunday! The one day of the year that all of America takes interest in watching live Television maybe even as a family maybe all together in the same room! A party might even be organized for this general event that has nothing to do with a particular family member. You organize this party for the event not the person because it manages to appeal to everyone.
Of course there is the game for the manly men, the funny new million dollar commercials for the kids enjoyment and then the half time show that appeals to everyone, they just look at that differently. Some are there for the music, the teenage girls are there for the dance moves, the dads are there for the sex appeal the moms just have to get more beer and food. Yeah! This is as close to traditional family life as it gets.
Ok, back to the game. The game that seems to make limitless money. In the midst of an economic slump where it seems most American businesses are struggling, the National Footbal Leagues revenues are soaring and the television ratings are through the roof too. My many measurements, it is the most successful entertainment in the country. Right now with apologies to the circus, The Superbowl Game is the greatest show on earth!
Lets put this all in prospective. The event is like the American adaptation of the Roman Coliseum. The spectacle that manages to exploit all our primal instincts. Here we see men stealing the ball, men attacking each other all things you can get arrested for if you treated someone like this on the streets. These guys get paid millions of dollars to do just that. If they get injured, no problem walk or put the bastard in the back of a truck and get rid of him. Yeah, bring out a fresh player out to get his ass kicked too.
There is the sex appeal of the beautiful women and their provocative moves on the sidelines, the ultimate cheerleader. These are not teenage kids. These are busty women that a man can look at. Violence where a player can get paralyzed in an instant. Courage for a guy to actually catch a long thrown ball in the middle of a pack of opposing players. Joy when they get a touchdown and do a little dance or drop to their knees to thank God And disappointment when they loose at anything, Their mistake will be remembered by all.
Like in the Roman Forum these guys are our modern day Gladiators showing up with their massive size and muscle power. Spear Thrower only now they throw the weird shaped ball and Acrobats where some players can flip over men and do back flips after a touchdown. The best ones are often millionaires in the employ of billionaires who are fortunate enough to own one of the 32 franchises.
This year’s half time show gives us a over 50 year old woman to entertain us. Ok, give me the check. Nope, no one will be leaving to go anywhere because that woman is Madonna. Yeah a girl with Italian blood in her heritage that has been an innovate and entertainer for 30 years. For you young ones Madonna was our generations Lady Gaga but only more she was different first.
Madonna was the first to employ fashion provocateur’s like Jean Paul Gaultier who are known for their outrageous styles on the runway and on Television. He loved to exaggerate the shape of the anatomy of a woman. His style is to be funny, weird and provocative yeah Madonna. Who cam forget Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in the 1990’s where she took off her jacket to reveal the cone breasted one piece girdle with hanging stocking holders. Before that most singers wore dresses or jeans.
Since then this designer has created unusual outfits for other entertainers like Rihanna in her dress made of only wide spaced rolls of fabric like garland on a tree. Or Beyonce in revealing breasts in a tight gold pantsuit, or Rosanna Arquette wearing a checkered yellow tight dress with black fabric descending from her crotch. Even the first lady of France, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, wore a backless dress with a short front and long back and frilly things in the front.
Whatever happens tonight whether great plays by the New York Giants or high scoring by the New England Patriots or possible wardrobe malfunctions by Madonna during half time, we will all be entertained for an evening and life is good and the family is happy. That is all America wants isn’t it?

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