Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, who are the present day Republicans? The only way to know is to poll Americans. Polls represent people and people have opinions, and a lot of Americans are Republicans. There are even expensive companies that devote their time to asking people questions. One of them is the Public Policy Polling Company. They interviewed 1,071 Republicans from January 13-15th and asked them a few pertinent questions.
One of the biggest social changes in this country is how people have became comfortable with gay people. And the polls reflect their opinions. The question asked was : When faced with a choice, are you willing to vote for a Gay candidate vs. an Atheist Candidate? I realize that there should be many other Factors to be included in your vote however interest came more to the Gay candidate to 47% vs, only 30% voting for the Atheist. So, God haters are worse than Gay people . So that means suddenly a person can live any way he wants as long as God hates him for it?
How about sex? No, it is not an offer but a question that should be answered to know what Republicans think about say, the number of sexual partners? Lets chart it:
# of Sexual Partners                         Republicans
0-1                                                     45%
2-4                                                     18%
5-10                                                   10%
11-20                                                   6%
20+                                                      4%
Don’t Care to Say                               17%
So, it is clear at least from this survey that Republicans have pretty much one sexual partner and 34% favored Mitt Romney as a candidate. Those who had about 11-20 partners favored Ron Paul. When asked Mitt Romney or Tim Tebow, Romney got 69%
However surveys try to help us understand how the candidates think or how a Party thinks we still have the underlying problems. Both parties know that all the manufacturing jobs are in China but no candidate and the President addresses the problem that most jobs here come from small businesses and the regulations should be changed for companies under 500 employees.
In terms of Wall Street, has the President done enough to break up the huge banks that control our economy? No
Lets face it we would like the Democratic party to be a fighting party for working people, it is not, it has become a Moderate Party. The Republican Party , lets face it is now a right winged extreemist Party. These Parties are the same in that they are addicted to special interest money. This is why we need a Constitutional Ammendment to BAN corporate money in politics.
We can come together as a nation in saying that it is insane that a handfull of billionaires and corporations can pump in hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process and can heavily influence elections. It is not the Democracy that most Americans believe that we should have. Our President can do 5 things right now to stop the flow and influence of big money into our political system. He could eliminate super pacts since they are illegal, we could have full disclosure that we also do not have now, we could have 48 hour reporting of donations, and keep registered lobbyists from bringing a check to a politican and invoke criminal penatilies in the law.
Mitt Romney has to understand why people don’t like him . It is not because he is rich, it is how he got rich. For example , Henry Ford got rich because he created a car the Model T, Walt Disney got rich from his cartoon ideas, Steve Jobs with his new gadjects. These guys have a product that Mitt doesn’t have. He just made money, yes a venture capitalist who finds week companies and takes them over; like finding a wounded animal and eating it not helping it. So, this is our present Republican leading the race for Presidency. Watch your back!

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