Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Margaret Thatcher said, If you want something spoken about ask a man, If you want it done, ask a woman!

She is an extraordinarily beautiful talented woman. She is Meryl Streep. In Britain the best actors receive titles. People like Sir Lawrence Olivier and Dame Helen Miriam have titles added to their name. America nominates their best for Oscars. Meryl has been nominated for a record 16 times and has won the statue twice.
Meryl has chosen to play “The Iron Lady” as she was called through her reign in Britain as Prime Minister during the Regan years; Margaret Thatcher. Meryl has a unique knack for not just portraying someone in a acting role but becoming that person. She has been acting for 35 years now.
She has been many faces. Sophie in Sophie’s Choice, Julia Child , The French Lieutenant’s Woman, The Devil Wears Prada and now Margaret. She chose to do this role to emphasize the problem people still have when a woman is in a leadership position.
At age 62, Meryl is still a very active woman. This year she was honored at Kennedy Center for her successful career joined with her husband of 33 years and her 4 beautiful children surrounding her. She is certainly a woman with a full life. Born in New Jersey, she was simply Mary Louise Streep. A gorgeous blond cheerleader, and the voted homecoming queen.
Meryl learned from Carole Lombard, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwick all women with strong personalities in their movies. That school was from simply watching their films. At the Yale Drama School, she got more serious in her acting career. Her first break was in a bit role on Broadway where she was asked to do a southern accent. Through the years she has perfected many accents for her many roles. Not bad for a girl that wasn’t even from southern New Jersy.
Her career took over so fast that at one point she was performing “The Taming of the Shrew” at the outdoor theater in New York at night while filming two movies, “ Kramer vs. Kramer” and Woody Allen’s “Manhattan.” Her range is broad, playing a simple girl in “Silkwood” then a Danish woman in, “Out of Africa” a singer in “Mama Mia” a nun in “Doubt “ and even a Rabbi in full beard in “Angels In America.”
Margaret Thather is 86 now and suffering from Alsheimer’s disease. Her daughter has written a book about the dark side of slipping into dimentia. Meryl wanted to deal with the issue head on. How does the most powerful woman in the world go from that to not knowing herself? Meryl is honored when people notice that she has played a lot of strongminded women.
She resents that no one tells a man that they are playing a stromg minded man because that is usually an assumption. A strongminded woman is an oddity in society. Meryl is involved in a part of a movement to build a National Women’s History museum in Washington. The museum near the National Mall would showcase little known heroic stories about American women.
Four of her most recent movies were directed by women. She notices the stupidity of movies lately that are geered to the 18 year old male. Movies that are being made now are about comic strip heroes, or about gross behavior. But no one can escape that hint of a Mona Lisa smile Meryl has in all her movies because it is her! The La Gioncanda!

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