Monday, January 2, 2012

We have to look back one last time at 2011 because it was an extraordinary year of what we will never ever see again. A historic year of change, and finality. Important things and leaders and innovators are gone . People like President Mubarak who resigned, Osama Bin Laden dead, Kadaffi killed, Congressman Kathie Gifford shot in the head, the final lift off of the space shuttle Atlantis to name a few historic moments in American History.
We heard statements from our President that said, “The United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.” Two Black Hawk helicopters carried about 25 Seals to the compound. Bin Laden was one of the last to die. Shot once in the head,
once in the chest.
They told us. “By nightfall central Cairo looked like a war zone. That is the front line, right there, where the Police lines are . Go out of Egypt ! It is 1:30 in the morning and thousands of protestor are defying a curfew . The end came in a 30 second statement. President Mubarak has resigned. The news has the crowds cheering wildly.
We saw the fighter jets when they told us, “A major allied attack on Libya air defenses has begun. The United States is prepared to as part of an international coalition. Momahr Kadaffi the dictator of Libya has been killed. This marks the end of a long painful chapter for the people of Libya.
The helicopter rising from a local Town Hall Meeting with a practically destroyed Congress woman shot in the head in the chopper. Her recovery was nothing short of miraculous.
For the first time in 8 years, 8 months and 28 days, the U.S. has no troops fighting in Iraq tonight.
There goes the Atlantis rising into space and it is the last time that anyone will see that.
April 8th Congress narrowly avoided a government shut down.
On July31st Congress caused a U.S. debt rating down grade for the first time in history.
Today’s 415 point drop is actually the 4th biggest drop for the month. This year has been the lowest gain in the stock market ever. Investors are nervous and uncomfortable and frankly, fed up.
If you needed proof that congress is totally dysfunctional, you saw it today!
It is time to take it to the streets and protest the greed in America.
My 999 plan is a bold solution. I thought it was the price of a pizza!
Commerce, Education uhuhu What’s the third one? Oops
Rupert Murdock said it was the most humbling day of his life when someone hit him with a cream pie.
I am on a drug it is called Charlie Sheen winning!
Arnold Schwarzenegger now admits to fathering a child with a long time household staffer.
At long last a confession from Congressman Anthony Weiner. To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it. So today I am announcing my resignation from Congress.
Jerry Sandusky is charged with abusing 8 boys over 15 years. More victims have come forward in the Penn State sex abuse investigation. Football legend Joe Paterno has been criticized for not telling the police. Paterno is no longer the head coach at Penn State.
Dominique Strauss Kahn faces 7 counts including attempted rape, unlawful imprisonment and sexual assault. Prosecutors admitted that the alleged victim has told a string of lies.
In the state of Florida vs. Casey Anthony as to the charge of first degree Murder we the jury find the defendant not-guilty.
Conrad Murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. He now faces 4 years in jail.
After nearly 4 years of imprisonment, Amanda Knox won her freedom and vindication in Perugia, Italy.
The monster quake is the largest in Japan’s history and has triggered a number of ferocious tsunamis. In this part of Japan, there are not enough of the living to take care of the dead
Don’t look back anymore. Enough of that!

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