Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Football players are all legally drugged up to play before the game and few even care. Every drug has side effects but no one warns these turf warriors of the long term adverse effects on their organs. They all drop their pants to receive an injection of a potent drug that’s function is to help injured players to continue to play through their pain.
The principal risk of the drug is that it is a blood thinner and can cause stomach bleeding and renal failure even in the toughest looking human specimens. Yeah big guys. This year’s Superbowl includes the New York Giants and The New England Patriots and the drug to keep the guys on the field and off the stretchers. As they prepare for that game players on both teams are nursing a wide assortment of aches and pains accumulated from the many games they already played this season to get to the championship game.
After all the game is inherently violent. Injuries are so much a part of professional football that every player out of necessity learns to play hurt and for many, the drug that helps them do just that is Toradol. It is commonly used through out football, it is perfectly legal and non-addictive and unlike other pain killers, it does not leave one groggy. So who cares, let the bastards shoot up while we laugh and drink as we watch them beat each other up!
Toradol does have its downside. During Jeremy Newberry’s 11 year career as an offensive lineman with San Francisco , Oakland and San Diego teams, the 2 time pro-football player earned the reputation for being your other lingering injuries.
The drug is everything other drugs are not. It is not a narcotic like Vicodin or Oxi-cotton which can leave a player feeling doped -up and in time addicted. It isn’t a localized pain killer either like cortisone or Novocain which only numbs one specific part of your body. Toradol can mask pain from head to toe. It is administered by team doctors right there at the game site. There can literally be a line of players waiting to get their shot in the ass before game. Jeremy has seen lines of 20 or 30 guys waiting for their shot.
According to players, trainers and team doctors. Toradol is more popular than ever so much so that many players won’t even step out onto the field until they get their fix. Too much of the drug is putting the players at risk with few people caring to discuss with the players of the dangerous long term effects.
Dr. Pierce Scranton, is the former team doctor for the Seattle Seahawks who saw the drug being used in 1997 just as he was leaving his job. The idea to use a drug just to play is out of the FDA guidelines, risky and unethical by doctors to give the stuff out. Toradol was originally supposed to be used for patients to manage post surgical pain and should only be taken on a short term basis not week after week for years and years. So, why is this allowed? Somebody should be stopping this from going on!
The Doctor said that footbal players that routinely use Toradol to mask pain run the risk of destroying their joints and making existing injuries worse. Also, when used too much it can ruin your organs. It can cause stomach bleeding, and liver and kidney failure. Well stage 3 kidney failure did happen to Jeremy Newberry at age 35. He has 4 kids and fears he will not be alive to see them grow. His sports doctor has seen at least 10 other cases of big strong men suffering from the side effects.
Chicago Bears pro-linebacker Brian Urlacher is another player who used Toradol throughout his career and who has no regrets and doesn’t care about the dangers as long as it keeps him in the game. Dr. Lawrence Brown is the NFL’s advisor on drug abuse who defends the teams practice of administering the drug despite the fact that the players are not informed of the risks.
Finally a group of 12 players got together in New Jersey and filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming in part that their injuries may have been sustained because of the blood thinning effects of the drug. The main obstacle to the lawsuit is that to date there has not been any studies made to suggest there is any connection to Toradol to concussions. So, folks watch your doped up heroes play hard and suffer later. The game must go on and there will always be a big dumb guy to take the shots. Yeah shots from a needle to the ass and shots to the head. Who cares pass me another beer! Party On!

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