Thursday, January 26, 2012

The troops are home. So we are safe in the world for a while. Right? Hell NO. Iran recently threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz which is the tiny area in the Persian Gulf where most of the world’s oil supply leaves that region for sale everywhere. Hey! I already pay too much for gas and oil! Don’t cut us off too! That is war worthy words and the Iranians are stepping up their ability to possess a nuclear bomb as well. Do the Americans have to kick ass again so soon?
Iran even accused America’s CIA of masterminding the assassination of a nuclear scientist on the streets of Tehran recently. The United States denied any involvement. Are these accusations and actions going to lead to yet another war so soon? The young scientist knew he was a target and had a bodyguard at all times. Well they both were killed as they drove to work by a motorcyclist who came aside the car and placed a magnetic bomb to their car door.
The bodyguard did not do his job however it proves how easily you can die if someone wants you out of the world. The fault lies with the Iranian government that did not do their job to protect their scientists. America’s former Weapon’s Inspector, David Albright, keeps tabs on Iran’s Nuclear Scientists and he notes that the dead scientist is replaceable. There is only one guy in Iran that can be considered irreplaceable. He is Mohsen Fakhrizadeh who has never been seen in public and is believed to head the nuclear weapons program there.
Albright said, “Certainly intelligence agencies that are interested in assassinations would have a high interest in killing Mohsen.” The CIA would no doubt like to see him dead but they are barred by an executive order to conduct assassinations like what just happened. Our current Defense Secretary Leon Panetta used to run the CIA. So who killed the scientist?
It is easy to accuse Israel because they view Iran’s defense as a threat to their existence. Iran employs thousands in their nuclear bomb making efforts and in the past 2 years, 3 have been killed. Not exactly a reason to cut off the world from supplies. However, there has also been threats to their computer systems. Stuxsnet is a computer virus that someone infiltrated into the Iranian control system that caused the centrifuges, the heart of the bombs to spin out of control and self destruct.
So, now the Iranian’s have opened a new nuclear bomb making plant this time dug deep into a mountain that should allow them to step up production. Before that happens, the United States and our allies plan to put its central bank out of business which handles all the payments for their Oil so it is a way to effect their ability to even sell their oil. On top of that, Europe plans to ban imports of Iranian Oil. About 18% of Iran’s oil goes to Europe.
So, this is why Iran in response has been in a show of force shooting off bombs in “tests” and more seriously threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz where 15 Million barrels of Mideast Oil pass through each day. A stupid decision on Iran’s part since it would also stop their own exports and more importantly alienate every nation that depends on Mideast oil or whoever cares about the price of oil. Our government already said that we will not tolerate Iran closing the Strait or developing nuclear weapons. Are we welcoming yet another war?
If it comes to that, America already has the B2Stealth Bomber that has been outfitted with a 30,000 pound bunker busting bomb designed to seek and destroy Iran’s underground Nuclear facilities. Panetta thinks the Iranians might be close to their goals this year. The more likely case hopefully will be 2 to 3 years away which would be enough time for sanctions to decimate the Iranian economy and make the Ayatollahs think twice about how badly they want the bomb.
War can be approaching fast. Assassinations, Sabotage, and Sanctions might delay a war but the thoughts of war will not be erased until Iran cooperates with the world and gives up their nuclear bomb plans.

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