Sunday, November 20, 2011

Obama is off in Australia now making the beds for our military to have a strong presence in that country in case China gets out of hand and we’ll have to go to war with China. Australia loves for the Americans to protect their country. Australia is glad to boast that in the last century, yes in 100 years, that Australia has gone to every crazy war America has gotten us into. And now, Australia has no choice but to love Americans. The American soldiers who served in Iraq will be all over their country for no particular reason.
The main reason we are leaving Iraq is that there was a law passed during the Bush Administration that was passed that put a time limit on the occupation of Iraq. This evacuation might look like a political boost for Obama in that he will be taking credit for the end of the war. The Law was called The Status of Forces Agreement which said by December 31st,2011 we have to be lock stock and barrel all out of Iraq.
No one especially the political Republican candidates should be attacking President Obama for any kind of failure in the war because the end of this war was set in stone and dictated by the Bush Administration in the dying months of its tenure. The Status of Forces Agreement was signed by George Bush at the end of 2008 that dictated the withdrawal of all United States Forces to pre-approved bases. The end of U.S. combat operations. It also set in place this New Years Eve the unmovable deadline for all U.S. troops to get out. Therefore, Obama cannot take credit for ending the war.
Australia is like our far flung colony. It is also a land of people that settled there as outcasts from their original European roots just like America’s colonists looking for religious freedom in this part of the world. The Australians love America and we love their actors like, Nicole Kidman and her country western husband and Hugh Jackman and Russell Crow and a new slew of newcomers from that continent.
Bush recently got a standing ovation at a baseball game. How quickly we forget the mess he made of our country in the past 10 years. The war and our giant debt and the room that corporate rich guys are sharing with our politicians can all be attributed to the Bush era. When he left his approval rating was at 22% and has recently rises to 47%. How quickly we forget the damage he has done.
The republicans now are blaming Obama for releasing the troops and attributing the failure of this war to him. The law cannot make this withdrawal political. The President as well can not claim that he ended the war either. Skeptics are saying that Obama has let Iran win this war. No, Bush did that. We invaded and got rid of the Sunni leadership. Iran is Shiite.
America switched tribes. Iraq was the bulwark against Iran. Iraq was Sunni led. We put the Shiites in charge just like Iran. When George Bush invaded Iraq he brought Alquiada to Iraq where it didn’t even exist. Then he handed the country to Iran. After that, he labeled Iran “the axis of evil.” So, in fact it can be very strongly argued that our now highly rated former President George W. Bush for one of them temporally and one of the permanently strengthened two of America’s key enemies. How sad!

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