Saturday, November 19, 2011

The bravest people in America now are the Wall Street Protestors all over America. While you sit in your warm homes even though you can’t afford to pay your mortgage or heating bills anymore, the street warriors are out there banging their drums, armed only in with their cardboard signs, getting assaulted by the police in just a small hope that the rich and powerful will soften up and share the nation’s wealth with the people. This is reminiscent of the French Revolution and any uprising in the Middle Ages where the poor towns people armed with nothing stormed the castles of the rich politicians and royalty of their day.
LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE In fact if every American in New York alone stopped working for just one day, the financial mess would cause much havoc to the corporate profit pocketbook that maybe then they would notice the frustration. Let these few bands of people do the work for most lazy Americans. They are now getting beatings and arrested. The news people are not even giving them much news coverage because the news reporters are owned by big rich corporations.
Halloween just passed and many of the protestors looked like walking zombies with the blood pouring from their faces after a beating from a cop getting paid overtime. All because the protestor dared to walk somewhere the rich Mayor Bloomberg decided they can not be. They got beaten in the middle of the night and their meager belongings and shelter of tents were thrown out into the trash. College graduates should have trick or treated to prepare the begging they will have to do to pay back their student loans and then go back to live with Mommy because they can’t even afford a home of their own. Their mortgage money is going towards their loans.
The Occupy Wall Street movement should not go away. A boycott should be planned for people not to spend any money for one day. However, we’ve been doing that already practically every day. Recently in Oakland , California where the cause has spread, the police brutally assaulted them. Their opposition were people risking their records with the possibility of being arrested armed only with signs saying I need a job, lost our home or. can’t pay for college. The government says, lets make them cry even more. That is how your tax dollars are being spent.
Leading the crowd there was an Iraq War Veteran to survive that mess to come home to no job and no perks for what he did to protect us here. No respect for his war uniform either. The police shot a canister right into his forehead! You don’t need to assault people with tear gas to clean out a public park. Were they preparing for a drug festival there? After all, that is all most people do in public parks. Drugs. This is a classic example of what America is today. America is an empire that is declining. Our political system is paralyzed with its own form of corruption through lobbyist and campaign fundraising out of control. Our culture is in decay with our youth playing video games all day and learning nothing. And now wealth and equality out of control. Lets not assault the few who do care enough to put their lives on the line; the American protestor. I do not think the assault on peaceful people holding up a message is our enemy.
We are due for a new American Revolution. Our last revolution was against the monarchy, the British, the birth of our new nation. This time a revolution is needed against the oligarchy, the rich and powerful people of corporations that own our politicians and have them working for their personal profits. We will not have an America if there are not some serious reforms put in place. The question is by who? The protestors do not have a real leader, no robin hood of sorts and our government is corrupt. Our beautiful land of the free and home for the brave is in decline. Our population is pitted against classes. One percent of the population owns and controls everything and they are not fair. They are as greedy as greed can be.
America has equal opportunity but not equal outcome. Most Americans have to struggle for everything they have. The wealthiest view is that they are being demonized because of their success. Well, they have become so successful because they unfairly did not share the success of their endeavors with their faithful employees. The fabric of this country’s success was that we were a tight nation of all Americans working together. Now we have CEO’s one person of a company built by many taking Billions in yearly profits for themselves like the names on the letterheads of Exxon/Mobil.
We need accountability for those at the top of the food chain of wealth. People don’t go to jail just for a speaking point or sound bite. People are going to jail for real justice.

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