Tuesday, November 22, 2011

America is on drugs and not on the good drugs of the 70’s. On October 17th, I wrote about the doctors in Florida that seem to give out prescription drugs freely. Now I am talking about the doctors all over the country that are pushing drug use on all Americans. It is stupefying all and are not fun. Who needs drugs if it is not fun? I can get much healthier eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Many Doctors are giving out prescriptions illegally for cash profits. I guess they have student loans too.
We are already hooked on high sugar and high salt diets. Look on any popular brand food or drink in your supermarket, it will be full of substances that are down right bad for you. The good foods like meats and vegetables are very expensive so lets buy a box of cheap crap and hope it at least stops the hunger pains.
Don’t be frightened that someone is giving your kid drugs either. I’m sure you are taking something and you are making your kid take some type of “medicinal” substance prescribed by your trusty drug dealer, I mean your doctor. Can they take any more than what they are prescribed? We all know that too much of any drug can cause permanent damage just look at what happened to Rush Limbaugh!

You can’t just decide to give a bunch of innocent drug free kids some sort of psychedelic! What if it interacts badly with their Wellbutrin? Their Abylify? Their Adderall? Their Ritalin? And their Monster Energy Drink? The kids are on drugs alright.
The problem is that they are on the wrong drugs. I agree with Bill Mahr that they are on a combination of processed sugar so they can be mini coke fiends. And that mind narrowing pharmaceutical crap Ritalin doesn’t open up their minds, it “levels and controls” them. Years ago the teachers had rulers in the classrooms not to measure anything but to whack the pain in the ass kid who wouldn’t calm down. Of course, you can’t do that anymore. Hitting is brutality. Now we give pre-schoolers drugs like Ritalin and make them into zombies.
These drugs are all about keeping bratty children in check. They are a substitute for parenting. Aderol is the drug of choice these days at colleges. What is more enjoyable? The extremely focused parties or the highly detail oriented sex? The point is for example, when the founder of all the great Apple products we love, Steve Jobs was young, the drug of choice was Acid.
Steve told his biographer, “that taking Acid as a young man was one of the best things he ever did.” When he took it with his girlfriend, the wheat fields started playing classical music like Bach. The unbelievable part of this story is that a computer nerd had a girlfriend. Well, maybe there is not a connection between LSD and genius at least for most people. Ok, maybe most people didn’t take LSD or was a genius, but just listen.
If it wasn’t for ACID you probably wouldn’t have a I Pod and you probably wouldn’t have some of the best music in your I Pod since some of the greatest musicians died from drug overdoses.
Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA while on ACID. The Beatles made the Sergeant Peppers album while on ACID. And, it is not just anecdotal. In a study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine last month, scientists found that just a single dose of Psilocybin which is in the drug called Magic Mushrooms, quote! “Created long term positive personality changes in most patients.”
People improved in the areas of sensitivity, imagination and broad minded tolerance of others. In the language of the pharmaceuticals’ , Psilocybin is known as an ass hole inhibitor. Couldn’t we use a little more of that? Have you seen a Republican Debate lately? If there ever was a group that could take a sensitivity test and employ broad mind tolerance of others: It would be the Republicans.
This nation faces enormous challenges and the biggest idea we’ve come up with is , “let’s build a fence that will electrocute Mexicans.” Steve Jobs literally learned to think different. Now, If he didn’t get his insight from LSD or Mushrooms or from some other ritual, where did these geniuses get their inspiration from? The only drugs we really need are from natural substances not from a chemistry lab that will change who we are! ``


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