Friday, November 25, 2011

The Magnificent Wizard OZ. Your Doctor should look better than you and Dr. Oz looks pretty good. Some women say he is the hottest doctor on TV since Gorge Clooney left the Emergency Room show. His health success has now poured over into his professional success. His show, “The Dr. OZ Show,” is now being seen in 112 countries and he just finished his 400th episode. And he is not finished talking about people’s bodies.
He loves to tell people to get past being trapped in their bodies. Most of us are covered in too much fat being about 50 pounds overweight or we are suffering from being addicted to too much salt or caffeine. He can’t really address any of these problems because he has been fit and trim all his life.
He is a heart surgeon but has become a health guru constantly giving helpful hints for great health. I wish these kind of rich guys would use their influence to change the marketing gods into taking the unhealthy stuff off of our supermarket shelves. Anything in a box or package is probably bad for your health! The supermarket is full of boxes.
Salt he says is our enemy. Then why is there a salt shaker on every table in a restaurant and an ingredient in every box? Do something about that Magnificent Wizard OZ ! Salt happens to travel with bad things in your body. Most of our salt comes from processed foods. If you gotta have that flavor, make sure your blood pressure is good.
OZ has served as a health expert on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” since 2004. On sleep deprivation he says that your sleep patterns is a reflection on your emotional health. If you are not at peace with yourself you are going to have voices in your head keeping you up all night. Usually it is the voice of my wife yelling at me about something.
You don’t fall asleep, you glide into sleep gently. When the sun sets, it sends out long orange rays which turns on the melatonin production in our brain. In modern day America, the bright lights are always on. So we never have the natural melatonin that helps us go asleep. Yes, we should have learned from the old American Indians. The would watch the sun set and then naturally go to sleep.
Nowadays, we have women staying up all night on their bright computers, then running around trying to capture sunrises. He says that if you can’t sleep don’t do it the Michael Jackson way! Skip on the sleeping pills too! Go out and buy orange colored light bulbs and use those in your room late at night. You can still read with them and work with them. 70 Million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation.
Set a rhythm or routine with your sleep habits. Don’t take melatonin supplements either. You are probably taking too much or too little at the wrong times anyway. Anything you take should be 2 hours before you want to sleep. And watch your caffeine intake! If you can’t sleep at night, don’t take anything with caffeine in it after noon. That includes soda and tea.
The bright light of the computer screen and the TV will naturally stimulate your brain. I wish it would make me smarter too!
The number one symptom for a menopausal woman is that she can’t sleep according to Dr. OZ. She’ll even wander around in a mall on Black Friday aimlessly just because she is probably menopausal and sleep deprived! Sleep drives heart disease and obesity.
There are 4 things the brain tells us to crave. Sex, water, food and sleep. Is she satisfying two cravings if she is sleeping while having sex ? Keep healthy! I need a nap.

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