Sunday, November 27, 2011

He is the Hitler of The Republican Party a lobbyist that owns the votes . He is neither a member of Congress nor the holder of any public office. He is a conservative activist and lobbyist named Grover Norquist who is at the center of the deadlock at the Joint Deficit Reduction Negotiations because he is holding pledges from practically every Republican Senator and Congressman that signed, promising to never vote for anything that would raise taxes.
He had nearly every Republican in government sign his Taxpayer Protection Pledge. If they break their word and vote for something that promotes increased taxes, he is so powerful that they can expect a primary challenge in the next election. The negotiations are an effort to reduce the national deficit by nearly 1.2 Trillion Dollars and he is at the heart of the negotiations. They had hoped to reach that goal by a combination of raising taxes and cutting spending.
This guy has held all to his pledge controlling 279 votes including the Speaker of the House, the Senate Minority Leader and all six Republican Members of the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction. He is possibly the most powerful guy in our government and most Americans don’t even know his name or what he looks like. He is the Godfather over the most well known and powerful Republicans in office today. They are his property and if they want to stay in politics they have to listen to him.
Going as far back as the Ronald Regan era, Grover has been controlling politicians with his “Creating Americans for Tax Reform,” The Taxpayer Protection Pledge back in 1985. He is proud to say there has not been a tax increase since 1990 and takes full credit for that. Newt Gingrich signed it in 1998 when he was Speaker of the House. The more signatures he has collected the more his influence has grown.
He boldly says, It is difficult to win a Republican Primary without taking the Pledge.” That sounds like blackmail to me! All the candidates do it so they can join the club of money hungry politicians. I wrote a blog on November 9th about how politicians become very rich once in office because they do whatever the lobbyist says to do . They are not for the American people; they are elected to serve the lobbyist.
The signatures on this Pledge not only includes 270 members of congress and all the present presidential candidates with the lone exception of Jon Huntsman. We all know he can’t win anyway. All that leverage has made Norquist ’s breakfast morning meetings a must attend event. The Godfather has called a meeting!
These are weekly off the record strategy sessions. Everyone want’s to attend. There are people from Capital Hill, House and Senate, think tanks, tea party groups and business groups. He is a Libertarian that believes that Washington is controlling our lives through the taxes it raises to fund big government. His goal is to “chop it in half and shrink it again to where we were at the turn of the century.” This not is talking 1900 not 2000. In essence, 8% GDP.
Does he realize that that was before Social Security, Medicare, Welfare Assistance and Unemployment Assistance. This nut job wants to cut all these valuable services to the American people? He thinks these agencies make people’s lives stepped on and more difficult. He is at the core of all the nonsense that has been said in the Republican Party about people should just help themselves.
At just 12 years old and volunteering for the Nixon Administration Campaign, he said his pledge idea came to him while riding on a school bus. This is not a legal document, this pledge is not in our Constitution, this piece of paper is simply a controlling trap to any politician with the threat of a continuing career on the line. He has been planning and working towards HIS power all his life. But why? I think he is crazy and no one cares because they are making too much money by being on his side.
Grover Norquist is like Hitler in that he is not interested in compromise. His methods are ugly and takes no prisoners. Those who refuse to sign the pledge are subjected to primary fights against well funded opponents who are backed by Norquist. Yes, money talks. He denies his direct involvement and simply says that the voters determine the fate of a candidate meanwhile he is spreading the names all around towns of who he wants in office.
He makes it perfectly clear that if a candidate does not sign the pledge he will try everything to destroy them. They have to march like Hitler demanded to march like him. Many Republican Congressmen fear retaliation from Norquist if they even suggest that a tax increase for the wealthiest Americans should be up for discussion in the current deficit negotiations.
Democrats like Senator Harry Reid have been demonizing Norquist on a daily basis. Even some senior Republicans like Senator Allen Simpson, admits,” He may well be the most powerful man in America today who doesn’t care if the country goes to hell! Where does Norquist get his multi-million budget from to promote his no tax platform?”
Is he getting his money from a few people or is it from most Americans?
It is listed as a non-profit group but it has been disclosed that much of the money comes from corporate companies. Many politicians regret signing and want to know what the status of limitations is on the thing, When can they get out of it! If they sign the pledge and break it they are destroyed career wise. If they don’t sign the pledge they are also destroyed!
This blackmailer said, “If they sign it and keep the pledge they win the primary, the general, they get to govern and I’ve helped make this all possible!”
God help America we have been taken over by an insane insider Grover Norquist

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