Thursday, November 24, 2011

Here you saw the first transgender supermodel, the first lesbian country western singer and now the first TV show’s depiction of a gay couple adopting a baby that is a network TV first. I spoke about the supermodel on March 11th and the singer on November 17th. Now we have ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family.” The show has been accepted and liked by everyone with little opposition and won multiple Emmy’s in multiple years.
The Conservatives love it even though it is about various types of families Americans share and how they cope with life’s .problems. It is a family show even though there is a gay couple, older man married to a hot Hispanic and a dysfunctional “normal” family with children.. The point is that the sexual orientation has nothing to do with who you are as a person.
Eric Stonestreet is straight in real life and plays a gay character on “Modern Family.” They have an adopted girl and are about to adopt another child in the story line soon. Still no opposition from the conservatives. In real life, for many years it was nearly impossible for gay couples to adopt. We are lucky that times have changed in the courts and in family value views to find this type of an adoption fine.
The men had a kissing scene and Michele Bachman said nothing.; perhaps because they both aren’t so very well dressed. They are sloppy enough to pass for straight men until they speak and the gayness flows. There hasn’t even been a backlash from the gay community about their flamboyance. Some gays feel that the characters Mitch and Cam made it easier for them to come out to their parents especially on holidays like today in front of all your relatives.
Rent or see tonight “Home For The Holiday’s” a old movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Charles Durning. In that movie the father has to hose down the guys in the family to stop them from fighting on the front lawn. It is anything but a thankful reunion of families. Yes, families that get together for Thanksgiving sometimes could turn out to be anything but good. It was also a good comedy that dwells on social issues. People think Eric is gay because he plays a gay man. People also thought Charlton Heston was Jewish because he played Moses in a movie.
Eric Stonestreet did not originally want to be an actor. He studied sociology and criminal justice, and his goal in life was to be a warden in a prison. Most people want to be doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs not prison wardens! Most sociology majors want to be social workers or professors. He is also a very large and overweight man. Not your typical movie star but everyone loves his work. He won an Emmy for his role and no one remembers him acting in anything else.
Stonestreet also said that he has always been fascinated with crime and punishment meanwhile he is jolly and happy most of the time on the show and even dresses as a clown often on the show. He grew up in a town called Leavenworth .that is right outside of Kansas City. There are about 6 penitentiaries there. Prisons have always been the backdrop to his childhood. This guy is nuts! Does that mean if you live near an ocean you should be an oceanographer? Stonestreet grew up on a pig and cow farm in Kansas. So, that is why he is fat! There I said it ! Hate me! Thank goodness he chose acting because he is good at it and he probably would have been the funniest prison warden around.
Today on Thanksgiving Day, Stonestreet has partnered with the organization “Feeding America” and Pepto-Bismol which many of you are reaching to take after your own overeating. They are feeding the hungry this Thanksgiving. There are 15 Million children that go to bed hungry every night. In this country , this superpower, where the rich are so very rich, and we produce so much food, we have failed to manage our wealth and our supplies and lack the caring to use our resources to even care for those who need it most.
He is trying to do something about the tragedy here in America. The organization is donating 2 million meals to those who need the meals. .All they ask is for you to like the Pepto-Bismol ad on Facebook by going to Facebook\Pepto-Bismol and find the feast for all Tab and click on the like icon. Once you click the like symbol, Pepto will donate 8 meals per like. Donating to a charity was never easier. It doesn’t cost you anything and it is easy to just click on an icon and you helped a charity.
When you don’t have much to give, this is a way we can feel helpful towards all Americans at Thanksgiving.

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