Thursday, November 17, 2011

I have to report on another first and there are not too many first anythings anymore. The last first I wrote about was on March 11th which was one of my most read blogs on the first transvestite supermodel Lea T. Now I have the first lesbian country western singer that has decided to reveal her sex life and preference to the world.
She is Country Western Singer Chely Wright and is known for her recorded hits like “Single White Female” and “Shut Up & Drive.” Now she wants to be known for her sexual preference as well. Unfortunately, since she has revealed her sexuality, her record sales have plummeted and she’s received death threats since coming out. Her mother will not acknowledge her anymore either.
Lesbians are hard to identify sometimes so they have to let people know who they are I guess. Men love to see hot girl on girl action in porn but they don’t seem to be ostracized from society. Those girls probably earn more money for their love of women. And, there are all types of lesbians in all combinations that wear all combinations to their weddings. In the states that have legalized gay marriages I’ve seen them wearing tuxedo and tuxedo, dress and tuxedo, dress and dress, etc. All types.
Chely is pretty that any man would fall in love with. She and her girlfriend Lauren Blitzer both wore wedding dresses in August when they got married. I’ve learned that there are all types of lesbians. They can be called Bulldykes which is bad. It is like calling someone a fag similar to the nigger word for black people. Then there is a Butch woman like KD Lang with no makeup and a boys haircut. The Power Lesbian is someone that works hard and is influential like Ellen. They like to go out with the Lipstick lesbian who is a very feminine woman like Ellen’s Porsha. Don’t forget the Androgynous Lesbian where you can’t figure out if they are a man or woman in appearance. I’m exhausted, I think I’ll just masturbate instead of figure all this out. Sorry.
Chely is very brave to reveal her sexuality to the industry of Country Western music which always put out there the image of wholesome heterosexuality down on the farm raising beautiful same gene pool children. Meanwhile there have always been kinky rumors about what goes on in the barn. Men with just chaps on having their way with each other and with goats or !!!! That must have been another weird porno that I only heard about Sorry!
The fact of the matter is that no one else has openly declared their sexuality in Country Music before Chely. Hiding her sexuality drove her once to attempt suicide. She is happier now and relieved not to have to keep secrets anymore. She did cause a controversy in the country music community when she came out last year.
She celebrates two wedding dates. July 24th and August 20th representing the Marriage equality rule in Connecticut and the Lottery in New York where she lives because of the recently passed marriage laws there. She is happy that her marriage lasted longer than Kim Kardashion’s since they were both married on the same day. Kim stole the press away from her day. Technically, she has lasted more than Kim’s 72 days because of her first date. People Magazine gave Kim 9 pages Chely got one page of wedding coverage.
Chely points out that many heterosexual marriages are quick to go to divorce like Kim’s whereas she stood in line on the courthouse steps waiting to be married with gay couples that have been together for 20,30 or 40 years waiting to be legally acknowledged. She is outspoken enough to wish that “If Marriage is so sacred, we should outlaw divorce.”
It won’t work. People are willing to pay a lot of money for divorce.
Her personal life is blooming but her career is faltering. It is not like she got a pink slip from an employer who she can sue for discrimination. In the music industry people just stop calling you for appearances and you loose a lot of income. She has released a documentary called “Wish Me Away” that is about her inner struggles with coming out. She has also wrote a memoir called “Like Me” the confessions of a Kansas country singer. She hopes to get more support from Nashville and wishes her straight friends and performers would support gay freedom in the Country world.

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