Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diane Keaton is the closest actress we have to Catherine Hepburn. Both had a great career in the movies. They share their style that it is ok for women to wear pants. Both represented the strong opinionated but lovable female lead in both dramas and comedies.
Diane Keaton has made over 40 movies and counting. She starred in very well known movies like The Godfather, Reds and Annie Hall and has won an Oscar for her work in Annie Hall. She admits to sleeping with many of her leading men like Warren Beady, Al Pacino and Woody Allen.

She has written a very revealing memoir called ‘Then Again.” People tell her that she is funny in her movies but she doesn’t think so. A comic has to have a sense of timing she claims not to. She doesn’t tell jokes but is in comedies. She has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards in the past.
In her book, Keaton reveals for the first time that she was bulimic. Throughout her career she was always surrounded by women that were constantly monitoring their weight. She got caught up into the bulimic pattern. She said that purging was disgusting and therefore she ended up doing it too. It became an obsession and a addiction.
During the filming of Annie Hall , Woody Allen suggested that she was neurotic because she was always sad or worried about something and had self esteem issues. He suggested that she see a psycho-analyst who also helped her stop her bulimic issues. The talking cure as she calls it helped her stop.
Her real name is Diane Hall. That seems easy enough, why change it to Keaton? There was a connection to the Annie Hall movie in that she was the girlfriend to Woody Allen who wrote all the dialogue for her, he knew her well and she didn’t ad lib at all. He also suggested she go with her iconic fashion sense.
The book also focuses on her relationship with her mom, her men and her struggles.She reveals that her mother suffered from ahsheimers for 15 years and died in 2008. She feels that she is limited in her appeal in that she does not do accents or varied types of people in her roles like Merrill Streep who does it all. Throughout the years, her fans have loved the comfort zone of her not being so different in her persona even though it will be a different character in each movie.
She slept with 3 of the most famous actors and directors in film history and had leading roles with them in movies as well. How do you go to the quirky attraction of Woody Allen to the smooth handsome suave Warren Beatty? She claims to already had an attraction to Warren after she saw him in his movie ”Splendor In The Grass.” She was surprised to meet him and work with him 20 years later.
The man she really wanted to grow old with and marry was Al Pacino. She stared with him in both Godfather’s movies. In the first movie they were friends. In the second, Godfather II they were lovers. She admired how he was able to totally be the character he was playing.
She has also become a stylist recently and has her own product line of goods. Her sense of style she attributes to her mother who exposed her to museums and lots of traveling in her youth.
One thing for sure, there is someone who knows her in a great movie from every decade since the 70’s. not too many actresses are loved with each generation. She is a timeless actress throughout time. She was amazed to have been chosen to be in a movie starring Kianu Reeves and Jack Nicholson at the age of 57 to be the love interest.
Keaton is a single Mom raising her two kids, Dexter and Duke.

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