Monday, October 17, 2011

Your doctor is a drug pusher. According to the Centers for Disease Control one American dies from a drug overdose every 14 minutes. Every time I go to the Doctor’s office he is armed with a prescription pad. Not healing herbs or lists of special diets to eat for any solution for me to get better. It is well known that an ever increasing share of that number is due to the misuse of or overdose of prescription drugs. Michael Jackson even had his own Doctor on salary to give him as much drugs as he wanted till he died too.
There is a county in Florida called Pinellas where the police are drilled each day to round up people that literally go to a store front and get their prescriptions for pain killers. It seems that the brand name OxyContin is the brand name for Oxycodone. According to the 2010 Florida Medical Examiners Report, seven people die every 24 hours from a Prescription Drug Overdose.
Nationwide, drug overdoses have taken over deaths from auto collisions. This is an epidemic of death, disease and destruction caused by the health care industry the very place that is supposed to make us feel better. I have seen many times the drug company salesmen with brief cases full of sample drugs waiting to push their stuff on my doctor. The American Pharmaceutical industry has been very powerful on wall street and has a lot of money at its disposal. Just look at all the commercials paid for by these companies in all of our media. The long lists of side effects from the drugs are laughable.
In Florida they call them Pill Mills. The storefront sign says Pain Clinic and inside it is cash only. Shutting down the Doctors that run these places has been a marathon legal mess. The Police try to get the customers as they leave these places on say seat belt violations but then search for drugs on the customers. Many times during the searches the police find many prescriptions in the car and the patient is suddenly a prescription drug dealer.
They can charge the customers with a felony with a sentence for up to 5 years that is called Doctor Shopping. The pill you get from a pharmacy is a dollar a pill and the same pill from a Pill Mill can be sold on the street for 15 dollars a pill and out of the state of Florida for as much as 30 dollars a pill. It is a very profitable illegal business. It is called the Oxy Express, the traffic armed with these prescriptions to other states.
In Portsmouth ,Ohio the amount of pill addicts have gone up and the people that live there is not the image of your typical drug addict. They are middle America tax paying citizens. They just regard their addictions as taking medications and therefore they are safe. The people are not needle sharing heroin addicts in dark alleys but they are just as messed up as the alley taking drug addict.
The typical addict now has a back pain and before long the pill taking increases and they are very soon addicted. First you get it from your local doctor and pharmacy then you make trips to Florida until there is no stopping of the pill taking then you are dead. The pill running leads to overdosing. Family members that have lost their loved ones this way have formed support groups. These groups have pushed for stricter prescription drug controls in the state of Ohio.
Now in Florida, there have been more instruction in schools lecturing students about the dangers of prescription drugs. On average kids have been beginning to take prescription drugs at the age of 13 years old. Rick Bradshaw, the Palm Beach County Sheriff says that partying begins by kids either buying the prescription drugs from someone or by emptying bottles from their parents medicine cabinets putting whatever thy have in a big bowl at the party with other pills that other kids brought to the party.
The admission to the party is a pill deposit at the door. There is always alcohol at the party too. Anyone can take as many pills as they want during the partying. In combination he is finding that within 3 minutes the kids are dead. There is a parent of one of these victims that started “The Narcotics Prevention Task Force” and is lecturing throughout the state.
She has been spreading her message throughout Florida and the number of drug abusers are finally in decline. Starting this week Florida has finally set up a state wide data base that will track the most addictive pain killers. It is just a start into solving the problem. It’s estimated 48,000,000 americans age 12 and older have used prescription drugs for “non-medical” reasons.
The drugs are on tap! This problem will never be solved because it is big business for the pharmaceutical companies that make the pills, it is big business for the doctors that write the prescriptions and it is big business for the pharmacies that put the stuff into your hands. YOU have to watch the people you love and shield them from getting the pills. Good Luck!

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