Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will there be gadgets after Steve Jobs? They are all lined up now buying the I Phone 4S with the computerized voice assistant. This phone talks to you. But soon the frenzy dust from the deceased inventor will settle down and then what? Who will step up to the plate for America and produce more great inventions for the world to enjoy? On October 6th I wrote a Blog on the Apple genius death listing all his accomplishments since he knew he was going to die.
He was so different that we can say that we lost four great minds in this one deteriorated body. He was one of the greatest designers of new plastics, a great marketer since he always introduced his latest of inventions, a great businessman since he sold his stuff in malls directly to the public and he was a great visionary. His future ideas is what got him fired from his own company. Imagine a computer without pressing down on things! “Throw this crazy bum out!” they said.
As a designer his simplicity and sleekness show in all his latest products. He was obsessed with the design of the products as no other CEO has ever been. Remember the soft edges and colorful big Mac computers a long time ago? He dictated the ivory color of the power cords and the I Pod colors as well as the new wheel to navigate on the devices. Every Apple product has curved corners. The screens, the lap tops, the tablets , the phones even the windows to the applications never had square lines.
Steve Jobs the marketer was at every new offer of a product but him as CEO never said, “Take it away !“ and let someone else from the company describe the new product The stuff was his babies and he always showed it off in complete detail as only a proud papa would even notice. Everything he said seemed to be persuasive. He said Apple would reinvent the phone and he did. We all wanted to do or get whatever he spoke about.
Who else could have convinced all the record companies to let us download individual songs for a dollar each. And then convince the TV shows to download a show for 2 dollars. That is the entire music industry and the entire TV industry to climb aboard to his vision of new ways to distribute a product and they all agreed to the unified system that benefits all media. He probably could have stopped all wars too if he decided to go into politics.
Then there was Steve Jobs the businessman. He made Apple the most valuable company tied with Exxon/Mobil. This is just a man who never finished college and never went to a business school. He violated most protocol. Hardly ever wore a suit and would call up reporters who dared to write nasty stuff about him. You know set them straight.
He dared to take away what we thought we really needed in a computer. The new products eliminated the floppy drives and disks, the dial up modems, the DVD drives, the removable lap top batteries and wouldn’t put flash on our I phones and I Pads. This is why he was a genius. All the computer companies thought he was nuts to provide any computer type product without these well known parts to the computers. This was software you need to watch anything on the web. He saw these as dead or imperfect technologies.
Our greatest loss is the visionary that he was. Like all great inventors he envisioned things no one thought was possible but dared to say, that would be great! He never did what schooled professionals said you should do. He dared to do things his way. He never conducted focus groups. The difference between a crazy person and a great visionary is that he knew what we wanted before we knew what we wanted.
He looked at the first mouse or CD Ram or WYFI and immediately could get how it could be improved with some Apple polish! There are already many I Pad and I Pod clones everywhere. We don’t need inferior copies of his stuff. Will a new person emerge who sees far into the horizon to find potential in new ideas, question why we continue to do things the old way and build beauty in everything you do. Who else can make beautiful, elegant simple things and still make Billions of dollars in the process.
Where are you? A new job opening is out there!

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