Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Amish are Attacking!  Guard your wife and hide your children.   The world is in total anarchy when you cannot feel safe among the Amish people at times once known as the most gentle and non violent simple people on earth.  Politicians are known to be rude. Protestors can be violent. Police Officers can be brutal and Priests are Pedophiles but the Amish should be just Amish.
Like the Hasidic Jews, the Amish people are known to be non violent largely due to their simple lives.  They read their Bibles or Torah for entertainment and guidance.  In both cultures neither group owns TVs and therefore, not subject to violent dramas for guidance and entertainment. 
Not anymore, recently in the Hasidic Community one of their own in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Killed a young boy and chopped him up and put him in a suitcase and dumped him in a dumpster.  Ok the man is insane and also Hasidic.  He must have been sneaking a peak at Dexter or some other violently disgusting TV show aired for America’s entertainment.
There are attackers barging into the homes of Amish people and cutting off their hair and beards.  Leave those women alone!  Ok bad joke.  The attacks are no joke it is real.  Four men were recently arrested and were Amish as well.  What is going on in these communities?   Crime is rampart within the Hasidic and Amish communities.  No, not beard against beard although a West Side Story  or Mell Brooks movie might do well at the box office if the Hasidic people went to war with the Amish.  No, this is Amish attacking Amish!
This gang of which 4 have been arrested would cut the hair and then gather it up and take it back to show the evidence of their treachery.  Now I’m thinking of the cannibals in Africa that have the shrunken heads as jewelry around their necks as evidence of their conquests.  But not the Amish!  They never did anything wrong in the past.  Is there nothing sacred left in the world?  Diane from Ohio is concerned.
According to Sheriff Fred Abdalla of Jefferson County, Ohio,  the motive is to humiliate the victims.  The band of scissor welding attackers are from a gang called the Bergholz Clan.  There have been 4 attacks where  a band of six people have barged into homes, pushed people down and carried out their assault.  Four different counties in eastern Ohio have reported attacks.
Another incident happened to 5 other victims that also included the hair cutting of a 5 year old girl.  A 75 year old woman was thrown against a wall before her assault.  The tradition is for a man to grow a beard after they are married.  Well, that is the problem right there.  Don’t get married and don’t grow a beard.  Problem solved.
The Biblical rule of growing  hair is followed very carefully; the violence was done to shame the men.  Some men said they would rather be dead than to go around without a beard.  Maybe religions should be banned with all the rules and grief and violence that is constantly done around the world in the interest of worship.
Like all gang warfare, the Amish do not want the Police to get involved.  The motive is to punish people who are week in their faith.  Wait a minute, doesn’t their faith promote non violence?  The police is involved and are holding any attackers with $250,000 bond for each offender.  They have to build a lot of wooden sheds to come up with that kind of money to get out of jail.
In the words of Rodney King, you remember the guy that got beaten by the Los Angeles Police Department and sued for millions and got it, “Can’t we all just get along?”  Violence is the norm now in a world that has just reached 7 billion people on this earth.  Even the most peaceful of peaceful are attacking each other.  I guess we must concede that this kind of behavior is acceptable and if taken further from carrying scissors to guns or knives we can now work on controlling the population explosion.  Let the killings begin!  We are near the end of civilization as we know it anyway.

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