Friday, October 14, 2011

Women get a bad rap and there is a double standard in society. They seem to look better as they get older even if they are plastic from too much work done . Men are still very sloppy unless they are gay and they always look great. But what about relationships? This week every magazine or tabloid has Ashton & Demi on the front cover and they take his side in the possible break up. She’s old they say. She looks great!
US Weekly has an interview with the woman claiming to have had an affair with Ashton. He’s been married to Demi Moore since 2005. And the critics say it has only been a matter of time for him to stray since Demi is 15 years older than him. How crude! She looks great! There I said it again.
A matter of time seems to always be the issue when she is older in a relationship. Good In recently conducted a survey in terms of libido and sex on the subject of orgasm. They surveyed nearly 5,000 people and they found that the vast majority of women said that as they got older, they entered an orgasm prime. They experienced better orgasms more frequent orgasms and it made them feel more alive and youthful.
In terms of libido, it is the 40 year old man who can't keep up. There are so many famous men that have much younger wives and they don’t seem to get any criticism any more. For example, Rupert Murdock is 80 but his wife Wendy is 42 do the math and she is 38 years younger than him that can be the entire age of a very adult woman. Renee Celion Dion’s husband is 69 she is 43 math, 26 years difference. Recently a creepy not very well known actor Doug Hutchinson who is 51just married Courtney a 17 year old. That is 35 years difference and they met when she was just 16 years old. He is known more for this child bait than anything he has ever acted in. People refer these guys as having ageless love. My daughter is 17! These guys are more like dirty old men! But, never referred to as such.
Dr. Laura Berman author of “Loving Sex” says the generational gap between men and their women has been going on for a long time. Generations. Part of it is sexism. As women age they tend to get less social influence whereas older men tend to get more power. The older man is more successful, has more resources, even back to cave man time.
Lets list some of the famous older women who have been criticized for having younger men in their lives. Madonna who is 53 has 24 year old lover, a 29 year difference in age. Hugh Jackman is 43 married to a 56 year old woman that is a 13 year difference. Linda Hogan the wrestler’s former wife is 52 and her boy toy for a few years now is 22 a thirty two age difference. While the older men look all wrinkly or just creepy these older women look great,
The double standard doesn’t seem to go away. The gossip folks always give the women a bad rap. I think it is going to change. According to Ian Kerner a Relationship Counselor, there are plenty of women in their 40s and 50s and whatever that are single again or who always were single that are more independent than ever. Older women are going out with younger guys. They are going on line, using dating cites and finding younger guys, talking about the hot sex that they are having. It is almost a celebration of not having to worry about getting pregnant anymore.
Well if we become dirty old men let the Cougars out and we’ll at least nod to each other as we try to keep up with our much younger lovers.

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