Sunday, October 23, 2011

The National Basketball Association lock out is controversial. A little old Jewish guy who probably never held a basketball in his life is the guy deciding the fate of a Association of basketball players who are 90% Black athletes that have probably played good basketball since age 4. Well, so what, however, people are getting angry that the lock out has lasted such a long time.
Bryant Gumbel said a highly racial and angry commentary on the subject from his Real Sports show on HBO cable. He got away with his comments without any gossip. Everyone else has learned to keep away from the Hitler word and the Nigger word unless you are Jewish or Black and then you can use it in any context you want to. I personally hate the Fuck you stuff and definitely Mother fucker. Lets keep Mom out of our anger please.
If the NBA lock out is to be resolved soon, it will probably be done despite the efforts of the commissioner David Stern. Gumbel flat out calls Stern ego-centric and a man demeaning the players. He calls Sterns explanations rants and has mocked their union leader Billy Hunter by saying that the players Billy represents are getting inaccurate information.
Gumbel goes on to accuse Stern as being “a modern plantation overseer treating NBA men as if they were his boys” How the hell does Gumbel get away with this type of slavery rant? If a white sportscaster said anything remotely like this he would have probably been fired already or doing some tearful confession on the air to save his career.
He then goes on to referring to Stern as “keeping the hired hands in their place.” Wow! Gumbel says that , “Stern’s distain for the players is as palpable and pathetic as his motives are transparent.” Gumbel believes that Stern is part of the problem instead of part of a solution. The owners and the players have been apart before but never to this extent. The NBA claims that a significant number of teams are loosing money.
Roughly $3,500,000 millions of dollars have been lost. The players are even realizing that it is a significant amount of dollars being lost and they must rectify the situation. The players simply want to hold onto the same stuff. Changes wanted by the owners include the 53/47 revenue split, lessening the number of contracts, minimize the sign and trade deals and the owners want to tag a franchise player like what they do in football which would be a significant change in policy.
The problem is that this is not like the National Football League and should not be negotiated like it. The entire 2011 season could be wiped out because of these demands. The players realize that the owners make billions and they want to be compensated. Well, join the club of most employees that make nothing in comparison to the amount of money CEOs make in any major corporation.

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