Friday, October 21, 2011

Barbie has Tattoos! Great just what American girls need at 4 years old. A Barbie doll with multiple tattoos and pink hair. How about sell her dancing on a pole too in a strip club. Every pedophile will buy that doll. Does she come with a tramp stamp too? Quick, pull down her pants lets see. Well, that is what corporate America is now selling just in time for the holiday season. Something for everyone. Excuse me a minute, I have to barf!
With teenage kids at home I spend a lot of time arguing with them that tattoos are a stupid thing to have. Of course, I don’t know anything, give me a break, you don’t own me, and blah, blah, blah is what I get back. When I grew up, tattoos were reserved for sailors and hookers. Yes you would occasionally see the old women with their purple blood spots and then realize it was a old tattoo from their younger years. \
Then there are the guys that have their kids names written on their body I guess if they forget their names. They never tattoo their wives names. You can change your wife these days too why bother to write the mother of your children on your arm. Then there are the real interesting tattoos.
I’ll never forget the time I was in a truck stop and this guy with a lot of underarm hair lifted his arm and he had tattooed women’s legs on either side of his armpit muff. Wow! Then from the internet people send me possible choices for myself. There is the Pinocchio boy tattooed face around the groin. I get to provide the nose. And the most painful tattoo of all I suppose is the snake on a circumcised penis. You can hardly tell you can pee from that thing too.
But, why Barbie! Is there nothing sacred anymore. Oh, then there is our mighty police force of which many are promoted due to friends in high places or from the courts. If some bitch or punk hates you and you have a tattoo of say a shamrock or anything, They could simply tell a cop that the guy or girl with a shamrock on their arm assaulted me or whatever crime they want to pin on you. Yes you are a prime suspect because you have the tattoo the victim described. Hope you have some bail money saved because you put that stupid tattoo on you years ago.
So here we are. Mattel has released tattoo Barbie designed by the fashion brand Tokidoki. She features pink hair, a shirt with skull and crossbones, a one shoulder shirt revealing not one but lots of tattoos all around her neck and down her arm, a whole scene on her back. So, make her topless too. Why not!
Can this be the doll from Jesse James affair? She is full of tattoos. Remember he broke the heart of America’s sweetheart the actress Sandra Bullock. When my kids were born my wife despite how tired she was from the ordeal of the birthing process checked every part of that child for birth defects, or discolorations of the skin and counted every toe and finger and then felt content enough that the child was ok and looked beautiful now they want piercing and tattoos and now they will want it at age 4!!
Obviously, If you don’t like it or think it is inappropriate for your child, don’t buy it. Apparently Mattel feels this will add to their large market as their latest edition of Barbie Dolls. We must remember that Barbie has had about 150 careers since 1959. So, why not tattoo artist? After all, ever 6 or 7 year old is already covered in “fake” tattoos that don’t quite wash off entirely. From a distance they look like they got into a fight and lost! Welcome to the latest trend !

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