Sunday, October 23, 2011

Protestors aren’t leaving and the stupid Republican Pizza Man candidate says if you don’t have a job it is because you don’t want one. A week ago I wrote a Blog on October 10th explaining why Obama’s efforts have failed with his ever ending romance with corporate America. First he bails them out then he makes the CEO of one of America’s largest corporations the “Jobs Czar” in charge of more billions while he gives jobs to foreign country employees. So, the protestors aren’t leaving.
At one point they were called “The Occupy Wall Street” movement but now they are branching out everywhere. My bachelors degree was in economics. This protest is about economics. The fact of the matter is that Wall Street wrecked the economy three years ago. Not a single person was held responsible been indicted or convicted for destroying 20% of our national accumulated net worth earned over two centuries.
Wall Street has a iron clad control over the economic policies in this country. One party is the wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street and the other party caters to them as well which is the truth of the matter. We should all have a drum and stand in the streets and forget where to go to the bathroom too.
We should not have 24 Million people out of work in this country who can’t find a full time job. We should not have 50 Million people in this country who can’t see a doctor when they are sick. We should not have 47 Million people in this country who need government help in order to feed themselves or 15 Millions of families who can’t afford to pay their mortgages or owe more that the value of their homes. There were many highly paid experts in their fields that dropped the ball on these issues and no one is being held accountable for the mess the American people have to deal with.
Should we be protesting the very companies we hope to get a job from? NO It would be nice however if these companies decided to share their wealth here in America. Even the great Steve Jobs manufactured each “I” product he made in China. Yes none of the “American” products are actually made in America. But lets all buy the new friggin IPhone-4S talking device anyway and keep those Chinese people busy.
Presently the Banks have 1.6 Trillions of Dollars on deposit with the Federal Reserve which is paying the Banks $40 Billion dollars in interest not to lend the money to you and me. Try to get a loan today, you cant. Obama and company lent out 16 Trillion dollars to the big Banks when other people in America you and me desperately need that cash!
When the Tea Party originally emerged they were just like the protesters until corporate America started funding them too and told them to just be mad at the black man in the Whitehouse. After all, he has already been taken advantage of with the bailouts. Where is the regulation? Where are the congressional committees? Who is anywhere to stop the corporate greed? Stop the bailouts? Open the bank funds to the people of this country? The sentiment now is all about ME MY MONEY not about US and our fellow man!
We have to applaud the newest movement. The Tea Party has failed. The current protestors are young, educated, they read, they write, they have computers and smart phones to get their messages out. They are not rapists or looters. They are hungry, tired, in need of showers and willing to stand there in the rain and cold.
Maybe we should be supporting them. New York’s billionaire Mayor laughs at them. Instead of writing a check to Haiti relief where 59 million is unaccounted for and the people are still living in the streets. Buy something for the protestors. Instead of writing a check to muscular dystrophy where they received more billions than ever this year and the poor kids with that disease are still in wheel chairs, donate to the protestors.
Now the protestors are getting free gourmet food donated by food warehouses and the skills of great chefs to cook it. They are providing power stations to keep their computers and phones working. Clean up crews are daily keeping the areas clean. Meanwhile, the police are arresting people and pepper spraying their faces. Nothing else seems to be working lets hope these courageous present day robin hood warriors can survive and somehow make a change America needs.

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