Saturday, October 8, 2011

Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose. No one disputes that. Lots of famous people die from overdoses what is different now is that people want the doctors and pharmacists or drug dealers behind bars for their negligence in making drugs so easily available that ruin talented people’s lives. Michael Jackson had more problems than his drug taking. Perhaps he took the stuff because he had issues.
He always complained that he never had a childhood. His father was too ambitious with all his children by putting them out there. Yet, none of the Jacksons would be rich and famous if he didn’t go through the effort to have them sing and dance everywhere. So, later in life Michael takes drugs, acts like a child, surrounds himself with children along with all the child like toys and amusements that kids like.
The other Jacksons have issues too. Tito and another brother have children with the same mother. We are supposed to say,\“Who Cares.” but it is still creepy. Running away from fans is one thing but having children with the few people you let into your inner circle is well just creepy.
So, now we have the highly publicized trial of Conrad Murray who is a Doctor who had a six figure salary to keep Michael alive. Now hospital Physicians are testifying that he was dead long before the body was brought to the hospital. Testimony for the prosecution are revealing that murray called security guards and assistants long before he called 911. The Doctor did not even call 911 the security guard called for emergency services.
The delay prooves that Conrad did everything but the right things to save Michael. Murray did not tell the emergency room doctors that he gave Michael the Propofol. It is outrageous that a doctor would not tell another doctor what drugs were being administered. It is outrageous, it is malpractice, it is definitely a break in doctor to doctor protocol. It is unheard of behavior from a health progessional.
The hospital doctor testified that Jackson couldn’t have been revived in the emergency room. The drug in as of itself should have not been administered in a home situation and should not have been in the possession of a doctor that wasn’t a surgeon performing surgery in an operating room.
Obviously this drug was administered on a fairly daily basis due to Michael’s addiction problems. Murray is accused of administering the fatal dose of Propofol to Michael Jackson. He is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. He can get off if he can prove that Michael gave himself the fatal drug and not him.
In his own home in Neverland Michael was suffering from deep lonliness, a sence of abandonment and isolation as many celebreties feel. They are always running away from the press and fans that their homes become their private prisons. The drugs given to him by doctors made him forget his psychological problems. He trusted them and did not put himself in the category of drug additcs who bought stuff on the street, had groupies and wild sexual orgies. Michael led a pure life according to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach the former spirtual advisor to Michael Jackson. The prosecutors say Murray’s “gross Negligence” was criminal.
Murray says he did what the patient wanted. He was hired as Michael’s personal doctor receiving $150,000 salary a month for his services. Dr. Jorge Rodriguez a board certified internist reminds us that a good physician should have analysed the situation, and realized that his actions was not in the best interest of the patient’s health.
If convicted, Murray faces up to 4 years in prison and could lose his medical license. Audio tapes have been heard at the trial where Jackson sounds like a stroke victim with heavily slurred speech. A person in no condition to give himself anything. The real tragedy is the amount of people including his large family who knew he was such a mess and did nothing to rehabilitate him and simply lined their pockets with his money. Anyone who knew him personally should be indited as well.
Murray is guilty of not being in the same room with Michael while sedated. He was texting in another room. That is like leaving a woman in labor to deliver her own child. Not giving Michael CPR until a half hour later is criminal. Murray is a cardialiogist who should have known how to give CPR he claims he never had to do it in his life as a doctor! He should be charged with second degree murder!
The reason he is only being charged with criminal negligence and not just a malpractice suit is because the level of care dropped so far below anything that a reasonable physician would do. Murray’s conduct was absolutely reckless. Leaving a patient on such a serious drug alone in a room without adequate monotering devices and going out into another room to talk to a girlfriend for a half hour is totally wrong!
So, Michael Jackson is dead. His money was left to his Mother with a no contest clause. That means the 85 year old woman cannot make any changes. She is responsible for the raising of his children. The collection of his music is being released and sold to anyone. His Thriller song is now the background music for a party supply store. And, now the estate that once was practically bankrupt from Michael’s spending sprees has bounced back into the green and has doubled in value..
Joe Jackson doesn’t have to make those three kids sing and dance anywhere, they are soon to be billionaires from doing nothing. Such is life and death!

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