Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Movies are out. It is 81 degrees and none of the leaves where I am have changed color yet but the calendar says it is the season called Fall. I know it is a change because all new movies are being released in the theaters. No 3D superhero movies. A few remakes of previously hit movies but a lot of issues being exploited. A comic who makes a movie about Cancer. Well, that is new!
So, with no superhero movies and no 3D movies being released you can spend your 20 bucks and fall asleep at the movie theater like you always used to do. Everyone is talking about the new Brad Pitt movie; after all it is his turn to make a movie in his relationship with Angelina Joilee. They take turns you know raising the United Nations of children in their home. He has made many movies and never won an Oscar. Is this the one for a trophy? It is called” Money Ball."
The funny guy cancer movie is called “ Fifty Fifty “about a man who survives spinal cancer. It is grim too but it is less about the Cancer but how others react when faced with the potentially fatal disease. Anna Kendrick plays the cancer victim’s therapist and is loveably dumb. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the Cancer guy and Seth Rogen keeps the subject light.
“Take Shelter” is a movie about what most of us experienced this year. A tornado. A man is going crazy with visions of apocalyptic situations. Reminds you of the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, the Birds. Lots of stuff going around in the sky that shouldn’t be there. It is creepy and scary and how we all feel after our own personal disasters we survived this summer.
A more stressful movie includes George Clooney’s political saga. Like we don’t hear about the political circus already for a election that is still two years away. He is the director and an actor in this film about a political melodrama called “ The Ides of March. “ He stole the title from Shakespearian texts from Shakespeare’s Caesar. It is more about the campaign aid than Clooney’s character.
Hollywood doesn’t like to take chances with its money so they make remakes of perfectly good movies we have already seen over and over again. So see, “Footloose “ this time with lots of rap music, “The Thing” trapped in ice and of course released to drive everyone crazy, and yet another “Three Musketeer Movie; “ at least these are three young guys. You can’t possibly be the first of your friends to see these movies unless you spend all day at the theater. These remakes are being released within seven days of each other.
“Anonymous” is the most historic movie about the writing of Shakespearian Plays. In this movie they say he didn’t write his plays. We’ll never know if any of the things they talk about is of any merit or is true because Shake spear has been dead for 400 years, so, say whatever you want and make millions of dollars doing it. We’ll give you money to see anything, we’re the public.
I hate Justin Timberlake. He is so many things, we don’t even know who he is. A Disney Mouseketeer growing up so he should be wholesome. A singer in the boy band N Sync so he should be gay. Got off completely when he pulled Janet Jacksons tit out. And now has been acting a lot in serious movies with no music or dancing as the focus. He is in what I think is the most intriguing movie of the fall season. It is a paranoid futuristic thriller called “In Time.” It is about rich people living centuries longer than poor people.
If you like chick flicks that is not a sequel or a remake and does not star anybody really famous see “ Like Crazy “that won’t be released until the end of October. It is about two young people that meet sleep together then breakup then get back together, well, you know this kind of movie. It forces you to remember your first breakup.
So, there you have it at least until November when I’m sure some holiday movies will be released. The facts are that this year has seen a record number of movie sequels 27 remakes! Also, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” had the biggest single opening day of all time. More than $91 million dollars were taken in on that day according to Box Office Mojo. How can hollywood stop making those movies considering the amount of money Americans are shelling out to see this stuff? America will spend their last dollar at the movies!

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