Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life after 50. If you are lucky enough to survive all the arrows that are pointed and thrust at you in the first 50 years of life, you must consider what to do with the rest of your life. We all just looked at Steve Job’s life once he was faced with the possibility of not surviving cancer. What came next was the most productive years of his life. He left us with a wealth of technology that should last at least another 5 years after his death.
What about the millions of other baby boomers who are now in their 50’s. Hopefully, you will be receiving a pension, have savings, your home practically paid off, beautiful and handsome children in good jobs and in good relationships. Wait! Lets get back to reality!
Your body hurts all over, you’re getting a divorce, the kids are ugly and unemployed sleeping in their old bunk beds ad age 25 and you’re broke loosing the house to foreclosure. Which lifestyle are you?
Chances are that your life is neither extreme. How can you love life after 50 while facing menopause and arthritis? Well, the ailments force you to appreciate life more. It doesn’t have to be depressing. Socrates, the great philosopher said. “ Practice death daily.’ don’t worry about the little things, appreciate all the good things. At 50 you probable already done that and have been there so, put things into perspective.
No one ever wants to die but it is the only sure thing in life. Sometimes 50 is the beginning of life. It is the time to stop the ever turning wheel of what you have to do and finally do what you always wanted to do. However, be careful what you wish for. E or example Tom Hanks wife Rita Wilson always wanted to be in a Musical. At age 50 she got a leading role in the musical Chicago but then felt her knees couldn’t keep up with all the chorography. At 50, you are not shy anymore, you put your best efforts in.
What about sex and relationships after age 50? The point is that nothing is ever over whether it be your dreams or your sex life. The most important thing is to stop judging each other and especially ourselves. When you are young you are always self-doubting yourselves. You are so insecure wondering what everyone else is thinking and being too judgmental. As you get older you are free from expectations. You’re old!
A major problem is that it has become acceptable for a older man to date a woman in her twenties. He still has strong sexual urges, Viagra certainly helps and some young women like the experienced older man who probably also has plenty of money to treat her right. Whereas a woman somewhere between the ages of 48 and 54 feels like their brain is growing. They know what they like, they will demand it from their man and will forge forward to get it whether it be likes in the bedroom or in activities or jobs. They no longer have to do anything they don’t want to. The children are grown and their man doesn’t have to succeed in business any longer. Been there done that I’m going to do this now. Whatever the “this “ is. You go girl!
There is also the hormonal change that women go through. So, the men have the blue pill and have gone off with a much younger woman. What to do now? Become a lesbian? Well sort of. Women \are teeming up with other older women and finding a deep friendship. A different kind of companionship devoid of all that sexual stuff. Someone to travel with, go to movies or just have someone to talk to and not have to put a bra on or makeup or heels. Been there done that. Lets be friends. A girl can’t find a better friend than another girl. Welcome to the 50’s! Can’t you wait or are you already there? The other choice. Death!

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