Friday, October 28, 2011

The Kardashians love brown sugar but Toni Braxton loves white snowballs. Both families have very successful reality shows on TV. It seems that the interracial couples are featured in each show. America can’t seem to get enough of these family shows. We’ve gone a long away from Leave It To Beaver. Well, we check out a different kind of beaver now.
At least Toni was famous for doing something before her reality show that seems to feature more of her family than herself. She unlike Kim Kardashian who is simply known for her shapely large ass, has sold 60 Million albums. Toni is talented she has won six Grammies and her show Braxton Family Values has become the number one reality show on WE TV’s history. Ok, it’s the WE cable channel that no one can even find but it is number one there.
Toni’s show features five women and a brother. She even refers her show as kind of the black Kardashians. Season 2 of “Braxton Family Values” premieres Nov. 10 on WE TV. At least Toni’s show dwells on the struggles of her sister who wants to have a singing career of her own. She has also gotten her bankruptcy problems behind her. Toni is making money now.
Wanting to go back on tour she is afraid because her body is not fully recovered from her Lupus which is a immune deficiency disorder. Braxton revealed last year that she suffered from the disorder. She is essentially allergic to herself but over time her immune system should adjust. The side effects from her medications make her aggravated and agitated.
Braxton has two sons, one of whom has Autism. She, like Lindsay Lohan was going to pose nude in Playboy Magazine for 1 Million dollars and donate her money to the organization ‘Autism Speaks.” How can you donate proceeds from nude photos to a children’s foundation? When the kids want to know where the money came from for all the new materials they got, just give the kids a Playboy Magazine. I don’t think so. That is why Toni did not pose for the magazine.
In 2009 she separated from her husband but they are always talking about him on her show. This season explores her dating him again however Toni says, “I have been playin’ in the snow!” Yes , the white boys as she describes her interracial affairs. So, does she prefer the snow or the coal? Toni says, “Well, brown sugar is always delicious but snow has great snowballs!”
The Kardashian girls love their brown sugar. What about the saying, once you go black you never go back? Well, Toni likes that and believes it is true she still likes some cream in her coffee. Wow, is this getting dirty!! She loves her coffee. So, if you don’t have a life of your own watch yet another successful reality show about sisters fighting with each other. Personally, I’ll give the TV a rest.

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