Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dead for only 2 1/2 weeks Steve’s Biography is out. Yes, Steve Jobs prepared for his story after death with video and home pictures that have never been seen before. So who cares! Well, we do because this book reveals who the person was rather than what he accomplished in his life and that is interesting. I thought it was over for me too and now just wait for his inventions to fade away. I already wrote about him 2 times here. Once on October 6th and again about his legacy on October 16. I had to write again to let you know how difficult and stubborn a man he was.
When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 the company had just 5% of the market and the company was almost broke. Here we are 14 years later and he brought the company to greatness by being the second most valuable corporation in the world. In Walter Isaacson’s biography he writes that Jobs reworked 8 industries. He changed computers, animation, movies, music, telephones , tablet computers and digital publishing and retail computer stores. He created devices that people haven’t ever thought of.
The author of this biography wrote books on Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin and when Jobs asked him to write his biography and gave him a lot of information through video clips among other sources, he thought it was unusual. But Jobs the perfectionist knew death was knocking on his door and he prepared for it. In 2009 Isaacson began more than 40 interviews with him. More than 100 people were interviewed for this book that reveals that Jobs never was a warm and fuzzy guy.
It reveals he had no problem going at someone to argue anything. In his childhood with his adopted father he remembered him saying when you build a fence make sure the back of the fence looks as good as the front of the fence. Even if no one will see it you will know that you were dedicated to making something perfect Detail. Perfection.
He knew that he was adopted and once he was told by someone that that meant that he wasn’t wanted. He in turn said I wasn’t abandoned, I was chosen I am special. Confidence. He grew up in Northern California not far from what is now known as Silicone Valley. A gifted child he grew up in a neighborhood populated by engineers. Good influences to hang out with. Not far from the Bay area, he also got into acid and the hippy culture.
Steve Wozniac was 5 years older than him and already put his engineering skills to work to make some of the early ideas come to life. They both had a distain for authority. They made a thing called the blue box that duplicated the tones the phone company used and let you have free phone calls. They made about 100; sold them all, and made a profit. Entrepreneurship.
He went to college in Oregon, got involved in the hippy movement and dropped out. Moved back home and became one of the first video game creators for Atari. He had to be shifted to overnight work because he was too weird for daytime showing up for work barefooted, high, long hair and smelly cloths. Individuality.
Leaving Atari he went to India for spiritual enlightenment. He said he learned from the Indian people that they are not just pure rational thinkers, that the great spiritual ones have intuition. The simplicity of Buddhism influenced his design sense. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
How does a hippy, college dropout, one who does LSD and Marijuana, goes off to India and comes back wanting to be a businessman? He wanted to be a start-up so that he doesn’t have to work for anyone else. With a $1,300 investment he started Apple Computers in his father’s garage. Soon his Apple II was being bought up by school systems and used as a home computer. He was soon worth $50 million at age 25. He became callous and did not give stock options to some of the people he worked with.
At this time his long time girlfriend became pregnant and they had a daughter, Lisa. He denied paternity and refused to support his child until the courts forced him to. He began to bend any fact to suit his purpose. He had a reality distortion belief that he was special and chosen. He didn’t want to follow anyone’s rules. He drove a car without license plates and parked in handicapped spots. Pompous.
His distain for the establishment helped him to be the most creative with his Macintosh in 1984 that included graphics, icons, a mouse, and the point and click technology we all still use today. It did not sell well and Jobs was fired. He started his own company with products no one bought. His Pixar investment of $5 Million from George Lucas made Jobs a multi-billionaire
With this money he fired 3,000 people and bought back Apple. In my other Blog posts I discussed all his product accomplishments. He made it available to integrate all of your products and software into one device and no one but Steve Jobs thought of it. Microsoft couldn’t do it because they made software but not the hard wear. Sony made a lot of devices but couldn’t make operating systems. Apple was the only company that had end to end control.
His house in Palo Alto was modest for a man worth 7 billion. No live in help and no entourage He saw how money changed his friends into living in lavish guarded prisons and he did not want that for his family. The book reveals family pictures of the family never released before.
He married an investment banker, Lorraine 20 years ago. His son Reed is very much like him. His daughter Lisa that he had 33 years ago was very much part of his life when he died. This book reveals his quest to find his biological parents. He found his biological Mother finds out that he had a sister whom she raised. She is Mona Simson a novelist. They bond and try to find his biological father. They find him and he is a Syrian-American with a PHD. Jobs decides he never wants to meet him even though they eventually know each other. A stubborn man, a genius, and very many personal traits are revealed in this book.

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