Friday, October 28, 2011

Country star Toby Keith says, “I’d rather piss than get pissed on” as a reaction to the Wall Street protesters. Country music in general is a wonderful thing. It is very much like opera, just without all the yelling. Both genres tell a story set to music. This guy is now outspoken on many issues. Should we care what he says? Yeah, cause he’s rich.
He has a hit song out there called ‘Made In America.” which is about what he calls a disappearing America. It is on his new album called Clancy’s Tavern and is his 29th number one song over a 16 year period. He is a singer, songwriter and superstar. Keith’s albums have sold more than 33 million copies.
He wrote the song in tribute to the old America when generations of people had their businesses and loans were provided on a hand shake at the banks. Where manufacturing was done here in America and people had jobs and homes and the money stayed in this country. Now everything is globalize and gone corporate.
He tried to have a partnership with a jean manufacturing company to produce Made in America Jeans. He even tried to do it as a non-profit cost only business and found it to be too costly to do in this country. It would still cost 6-7dollars a pair higher to produce in this country.
The wall street protestors are angry that 1% of the people in this country controls all the money. The Tea Party objects to the amount of power the politicians have. His pissing on others comment might be a good idea for his next song! Bette Midler wants to donate port-a-potties he said he would cook up some ribs for the protestors.
Being very patriotic he completed his 9th USO tour visiting the troops in Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq this year. He is happy the troops are coming home. He is tired from going over there for 9 years doing 180 shows but he is going to do it again next year too. He feels for Obama who looked young and vibrant 2 years ago and now he doesn’t smile much and is getting grayer.
Being very busy he is currently doing his United States Tour and has already covered 65 cities since July. He comes from a long family tradition of being southern democrats, but now he is a registered Independent. He is a fan of Obama in that he agrees that he didn’t get the troops back too early and adding troops as needed was good in Afghanistan. He approves of Obama’s military accomplishments but not in his economic policies.
Toby is just another country guy that is frustrated with how this country is in a steady decline. He has done his part to entertain the troops and gets his message out there through music that we need to get back to the good old days. He is rich and famous because America agrees with his stories in his songs. We are all frustrated and are trying to stabilize this country in whatever way we can. He does it through his songwriting.

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