Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is making a child a star abusive? The world loves children in the entertainment business but what does that environment do emotionally and physically to the child? We’ve seen many train wrecks of lives of many talented kids. We can’t blame the kids they have enough to do in just putting out a product for all to enjoy or for a select few to make money from the efforts of these children.
Most recently on a 20/20 Interview with Barbara Walters, Mariah Carrey and Nick Cannon revealed that they took videos and played her music in the operating room during birth. These two wackos are planning for the infants to be superstar singers and Nick wants them to have Doctorate Degrees already.
Poor Lindsay Lohnan was making movies as a young child and her crazy parents have profited ever since while her life is falling apart. The very people that promote a child and say, “That kid is great!” are the very people that ruin the child’s life and profit from their work while the child star is deprived from a normal school life and friends to grow up with. You are not in school if you are constantly on tour or on a set making movies.
Then there is the problem of the children of adult stars that have to witness the decline of their famous parents as they confront their demons with drugs. Drugs and addictions seem to always win that battle and famous mommy or daddy is dead! Michael Jackson and Judy Garland’s kids have a lot of similar things in their lives even though there is a 40 year difference in time but the manipulating from adults in their parents lives are the same.
The parallels between Michael and Judy are in that they were both children that became
That is why Michael was a 50 year old child never growing up. Both as children were responsible for everyone’s paycheck around them. By the time Judy was 37 years old she had made 39 movies. Michael by his thirties also had done more in his career than mostly anyone. Both stars never stopped working,
Both stars are already legends while still being children. At this point the adults in their lives are counting on paychecks coming from the efforts of the child star. Judy was on stage at age 2 and Michael at age 5. The studio owned Judy and when she made the Wizard of Oz at age 17 she was expected to carry that movie to success. By their teen years these kids were the sole breadwinners and supporting the price of luxurious living for all.
For the stars children like Lorna Luft, Liza Minelli, Prince, Paris and Blanket what is it like growing up with Legends that are addicts? No one is born an addict someone lets them become one. In some ways their talent was bigger than them. The people at MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer at age 13, handed Judy drugs to make here lively and drugs to help her relax or sleep. Sounds very familiar to Jackson’s life.
The scheduling of both lives meant they had to be ready for performances no matter what. Drugs were that temporary boost that got them through their grueling days. No one cared about the long term effects on the person’s body. Eventually, as we all know they both died from drug overdoses somewhat self-inflicted due to their addictions. Despite their professional triumphs, they both battled personal problems throughout their lives. Both stars suffered personal self esteem problems. Being in a bubble running away from fans all of their lives, kept them too isolated from reality.
Also, never really being loved by someone didn’t help in their personal lives. They were being loved for what they did not for who they were. Garland married 5times with her first 4 marriages ending in divorce. At age 47, Garland died of an accidental drug overdose. Jackson died from acute Propofol intoxication at his home on June 25, 2009.

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