Friday, October 21, 2011

Career or Children. Can women really have both? Life is very different for a woman than a man. That biological clock gets in the way for a woman. Obviously, a man can have children all his life; nothing interferes. But a woman needs to have her children in her most fertile years. How can she balance this demand with the demands for a career?
Society says, go to high school then college then a masters degree and then a doctorate degree and then maybe you’ll be set for a great career and be a respected knowledgeable pillar of society’s greatest and earn some easy money in the process. Yes the American Dream.
Well all that education takes a lot of time. If you are lucky and you do not take any breaks to have a real life, you might finish the educational process to professionalism by the time you are about 30. Yes, more than 1/3rd of your life span. For a man, no problem. His sperm is still good and a few wrinkles looks good on a professional man. You do not want some baby faced kid charging you $200 an hour to give you advice on anything.
For women, her most fertile years are between the ages of 20 to 30 years old. Most women are on the pill, and using all devices to not get pregnant, not have any serious relationships because they too are concentrating on education to promote skills in a chosen profession. What about those beautiful fertile eggs waiting to be poked with some healthy swimmer sperm boy?
By the time a woman has all her career soldiers in place, she forgot to find a good man in her life and forgot to have children. Hence her eggs are dried up and she is tired. I say pop those kids out early and then when the kids are about 10 years old and can pour their own cereal, go back to school and become the Doctor, Lawyer or any Indian Chief you want to be.
A prime example of this dilemma is the highly publicized life now also being seen in her own reality show is the life of Giuliana Rancic a talk show host who has been trying to get pregnant for a number of years and we all have to know about it because it is gossip and she has no talent other than talking.
She has also been in the news lately in that she has also revealed that she has breast cancer. Most young girls of childbearing years do not have breast cancer thank goodness. She is also the Entertainment host on the E channel. She is married to Bill Rancic who won a great job on the Apprentice TV show from Donald Trump. She has a great career and a good husband, lady too old to have children and now complicated with cancer.
Guiliana and Bill opened up about the cancer diagnosis in a new interview recently. They were watching their embryos sitting on ice waiting to become children some day since three years of the conventional ways of getting pregnant wasn’t happening when doctors discovered the cancer. They have caught the cancer early and expect it to be 100% treatable.
All this strife has brought them more together. They grieve together and draw strength from each other. He has to describe her as a fighter instead of as a fertile Myrtle sexual banshee. Now she has become the poster child for women who have it all and don’t have what comes so free and natural for most younger women. At least she is rich and can afford all the envitro fertilization processes.
She is 37 years old and still looking forward to her first child. She has revealed her very personal health problems on the E Channel News, the Today Show, The Joy Behar Shows to name a few. Hopefully all this exposure can help millions of older women going through similar health problems.
Pop those kids out early girls its much easier and less costly.

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