Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lets talk Gleefully about Glee. It is a strange musical TV show about teens. However they seem to get away with everything . Last season was all about gay teens. I thought that was illegal. You get arrested if you watch teen porn sites and besides, it’s just wrong. Wait till you are older before you declare so much love. Whatever happened to first base. Now they go all the way even in musicals. Ugh!
It is not only one of the most popular shows on TV but now it is popular on stage as well. Just like a Broadway musical. That song they keep throwing down our throats, “Don’t Stop Believing “ by the band Journey has become an anthem for the show. Re-read my Blog about Journey from August 5th . That one song has resurrected the band. They are on tour again with a fan singer from the Philippines as their new lead singer that they discovered on You Tube.
The Glee crew took their show on the road on a tour that was very successful. Over 500,000 fans saw the road show. They even captured the experience on film produced as a 3 dimensional movie. Do we really need to see teen zits in 3D? The movie features fairly new actors to the series like Harry Shum who plays a Chinese football player. OK! Stop right there. I never heard of any Chinese footbal players. But OK! He plays Mike Chang an Asian football player who dances in glee club. No comment!
All the actors and singers learned a true appreciation for the professionalism that real Broadway musicians and dancers and actors have. They do eight shows a week with no mistakes. There is no retakes or cuts or breaks that one has when they produce a TV show or movie. Ironically, they pay tribute to Amy Winehouse who recently died and who was known for her partying ways that probably killed her at age 27.. I wrote a blog about her too on September 5th.
In the Broadway show they perform Amy’s song “Valerie” from her second album. It is odd that such a wholesome show would feature a song from the wildest girl that used to be alive. The movie features cast performing songs and backstage while on tour. It is great footage for any super fan because you see the cast performing as well as off camera personalities.
Big changes to the cast have happened. Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will leave “Glee” after season 3. Do cast members actually graduate from that school? Maybe they could come back as teachers? Harry is 29 years old, he’s not cut! How many times can you get left back?
Then there is Ashley Fink who is an actress that plays Lauren Zizes who is overweight and dating the hottest guy in the school. She is 24 years old in real life. Stop right there! I never heard of the hottest hunks going anywhere near a plain Jane overweight girl in any high school. I guess the producers want to promote public teen gay relationships and unlikely straight relationships. What do I know. The show is popular. Is it a fantasy?
Even Rosie O’Donald the comic who said she was the overweight , plain Jane never even got a glance from the hot guys in her life. Sure they talked to her but only to make sure she didn’t party or drink alcohol so she could be the designated driver. She remembers playing a lot of pinball and pool in her going out days with everyone.
Politics have even reacted to the show. Conservatives have criticized the show and accusing it of having a gay addenda. The entire show is obviously trying to break all stereotypes. Who features an Asian sex symbol any more. The last one was Charlie Chan. However you feel about your personal opinions, the show is up beat, on key and entertaining and lots of people teens and adults still love it and want more.

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