Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gray Love. Spend some time watching a older couple. They act so differently than younger couples. They look for each other. They support each other physically and emotionally. They are happy to have each other. They could have problems with their eyesight so they are keen to every sound and even know what their lover for many years sound like. There is a unique desire that is worth noticing.
About love, there is little to learn from the younger generation. Each time of life has its own kind of love and throughout the years if a relationship is successful there becomes a tolerance and an acceptance of the spouses failures and problems.. They don’t say I have to get out of this. With age our capacity for loving mellows and love becomes more refined.
You learn about the value of tenderness as you grow older rather than sexual positions. Accepting one’s failures is the norm and patience is essential. When one senses the days running out, one ceases to take life for granted. No one night stands and break ups every few months. Grey love can often see a love broaden and deepen till it becomes the central fact of life.
They seem to be one person split into two. In these days of transient partnerships, where promises are violated and love betrayed, there are couples who really do cleave to one another. For them, “till death do us part” was not a binding claim, but a gratifying reality.
I feel my throat tighten when I watch a grey-haired couple crossing the street; his hand reaching out, hers responding, falling naturally into his, seeing each other safely across. They have that fascinating look of unity and safety together. I’m moved when I see a grey-haired wife loop her arm affectionately through her husband’s.
As a attorney I wrote many wills for people. From my contacts with a few of these couples, I learned that for them the greatest joy was to be together, and what they did mattered little. They never grew weary of each other’s fellowship. Presently Americans are loosing their homes due to raging fires in the south and flooding in the east and everyone else are loosing the battle with keeping enough money in their checkbooks to pay their mortgages. Real serious problems but they haven’t found that the most important thing to cling to is each other especially when you loose other valuables.
Once settled in their homes, grey people are happy with their involvement in each other. They don’t get lost on Facebook or listening to different music on their I pods. They want to be together even if they don’t play a game of cards or checkers. They just want to be delighted in each other’s presence. Younger families have a hard time even sharing a meal together.
One can see an elderly husband and wife so content to know that the other is simply there. They’re two people depending on each other and babying each other and defending each other. They live in that mutual confidence of each other. A trust that does not require private eyes to see if they are cheating on each other.
With one couple I know, hers is the voice that never fails to calm his terrors, settle his doubts, answers for him in the world. She knew the way his mind ran. The husband realized that with her he was safe. He said, I love taking her places, I love waiting for her. I love driving her home to the security of our place surrounded by the things we have acquired through the years.
She is pleased to please him. He said further, “I look upon my wife, and am amazed that a woman, as competent and good as she is, has shared all these years with me.“ Many grey marriages are true wonders in relationships now, We should all be jealous of their mutual understanding and mutual help.

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