Monday, September 12, 2011

Are long term relationships dead? There is a new sex survey out that interviewed 3,500 people. The main finding of the survey found that most couples are bored with each other. The survey by “” revealed that 25% of couples are bored in their relationships. Another 25% of couples said they were on the brink of boredom. So, that means there were 50% of people that were pretty bored.
Over 50% said that if their partner suggested something new in the bedroom, they would try it. People don’t talk about sex and they don’t make suggestions. The women report being more bored in their relatinships more than men. Women are so afraid of being judged that they don’t talk about sex. They are afraid of being labled a slut. By the time they are into sex, women assume that men already know what they like in bed.
Men need to be taught and women need to know what theu really want from their men. Men are like a heated bomb ready to go off. Women need to be polished and warmed up and even complete befor a man should release. Women are still faking it and not instructing men what really makes them feel great. Women are afraid of hurting a man’s feelings when things are not going right so, they just fake it to get it overwith.
People need to approach sexual needs differently. Especially when it comes to oral pleasures. One needs to say thay love it when you do that rather than I hate what you do. The most revealing finds in the survey was what was going on with gay couples. It is no longer one night stands. Gays are buying homes, adopting children and are looking more like families these days with much more commitment towards each other,
In gay sex lives problems don’t exist as much as hetro couples. If you have the same body parts as your partner you both know what you need where and when sexually better. Pre-mature ejaculation is a major problem with hetro-sexual couples but never a problem with gay men. Why? Because it is a matching of each other’s sex drives. Pre-mature ejaculation is a problem that afects 35% of all men.
Infidelity is a major issue now. 65% of women are cheating and 80% of men would cheat if they thought that they couldn’t get caught. There used to be the 7 year itch that then became the 5 year itch than 3 and 2 and now we are itchy all over for other people. We think we meed someone else to scratch our back!
People who marry and cheat end up ironically getting married again. Then there is the fact that men cheat whether sex with their partner is good or not. Women who felt sexually unsatisfied were more likey to cheat. So, is monogamy dead? Marriage for life certainly is becoming a rare thing. Do partners stay together for life anymore?
Many couples are accepting pornography, sexting and internet or Facebook kind of flurtation. Couples tabu’s are are loosing and the parameters are expanding. In the case of the Congressman Anthony Weiner, he went too far with too many women. It is still much worse if you lie about any flurtation to your more committed partner.
Typically with women that know about afairs they concede by saying well he flurts too much but they accept it. Or women say he dallies to much and they accept it again and then finally, I should have seen it coming. It is just a gradual slope of compromise and untimate failure in the relationship.
In a good relationship, you must not have anything to hide. Bring it all out in the open and deal with your feelings. Trust that they will come back to you and at times things will get even better once you compare what you got to a possible relationship with another person. Or, perhaps it really is time to move on. It can be the test of commitment towards each other.
Ultimately, a vow is a vow and if you take a vow to love and cherish someone forever, if you are honest you should do your best to stay committed to that person. If there is love, some rules can be bended as long as you find a way to snap back to who you committed your life to. Many people are not that strong to do that anymore. People feel now that life is short and there are too many great people out there and that life is too long to spend with only one other person. How is it for you?

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