Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jerry Springer is needed in society. When the courts fail you and you believe that you have been swindled or treated badly, you need to be able to yell, and tell someone off. Even beat them up. Well, Jerry’s TV show is the place to be and to do it. “The Jerry Springer Show” debuted in 1991 and started as a politically-oriented talk show.
All you have to do now is call the number they flash often during the show and you are scheduled to air your differences with anyone you want. There must be a need for this type of violence and venting otherwise the show would not be successfully aired for now its 21st season. What show stays on TV for 21 years with new fights , I mean content for so long. We need Jerry Springer and his tolerance for rage and violence.
Critics say the show is promoting dysfunction and is exploiting discourse in this country and bringing civility to an all time low. Jerry says “guilty” and is proud that people are able to vent their opposition without someone saying “order in the court” F--K order I’m going to tell you off! If the Oprah show was still on, she would have the same people on but would not allow the guests to use profanity or try to punch each other. The ratings for “The Jerry Springer Show” increased more last year than any other syndicated show. He always has security on stage.
I have a friend who recently revealed that her daughter was married to a creepy guy who maxed the credit cards, was violent to her, even somehow stole her student loan money and divorced the girl after a long term relationship. She is now 29 and is jaded and afraid of relationships or marriage and is damaged from many of what should have been the best years of her life. The courts are not in her favor and lawyers are expensive. I said she needs Jerry Springer. Why do people get insulted?
Jerry says you can call his show anything you want but do not accuse him of exploitation. He is a lawyer, a Mayor and has been in journalism for ten years. His show is voluntary and at the end they can change anything they want if they change their mind before airing. Before the show the guests have a list of 21 surprises they might want to reveal during the show. They don’t know when the surprise will be revealed but they already agreed that this situation will be revealed during the show.
He protects the show from being sued by having the guests sign this disclaimer so that they won’t say, If I knew they were going to reveal that , I would have never gone on the show.” He has never been sued. He has been on TV for so long that now he has the crazy children of past guests. These people were told not to have kids and they did anyway.
Jerry believes that anyone who puts themselves on TV have to endure the consequences. The problem is that the media jumps on stories now without any concern if revealing the story will hurt the family, hurt their career, hurt their marriage or humiliates them. That is why people are committing suicide. The TMZ’s and reality shows say they are not responsible for any harm their reporting does to a family or individual. The media says in response to that is that in the news business, the public has the right to know. Do they really have the right to know stuff I don’t want anyone to know? 95 % of the stuff on TV we don’t need to know. So, his show in a way protects people. They are there because they want to be there they are not being exposed by a photo they didn’t know was taken or an accusation that was made without their knowledge.
Now we know why his guests are so over the top in dysfunction. His guests are weird, outspoken, really damaged people that are so damaged they don’t even care if the world knows their problems. Just let me scream about it and get a piece of the bastard who did me wrong.

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