Saturday, September 24, 2011

We cannot live like a Cancer. The lion and the bear does not kill more than it can eat in a day. Greedy humans consume more than they need. Cancer grows and grows and is never satisfied. The greedy corporate elite are a Cancer. The hedge fund manipulators on Wall Street are a Cancer. Anyone who is presently making Billions of dollars each year are Cancer.
We live in a world where half of the people on earth are suffering from poverty from a natural disaster or political strife or loss of an economy. The other half are profiting from the disasters and not helping anyone. At least those who suffer from the loss of belongings find the comfort from each other. They seek friends and family to hug and cry on their shoulder. Are the filthy rich really happy?
Take the life of Tom Shadyac. He is a hollywood director who made Billions from his successful movies. He made The Nutty Professor movies with Eddie Murphy, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with Jim Carey, Liar, Liar with Paul Giamatti and Bruce Almighty with Steve Carrel. His hit comedies brought in nearly 2 Billion dollars. He lived the fantasy life of most of us and stood with Hollywood’s elite. He attended extremely large parties, owned private jets, fancy cars and bought a 17,000 square foot mansion. One of three homes Tom owned around the world.
He was surrounded by everything that our culture called the good life. He found himself alone wondering what was his purpose in life. He then directed and produced a documentary called “I Am.” It focuses on how he gave up on all his unnecessary possessions to live a much simpler life. He felt that having things was living a lie. Success in our culture is determined by how much stuff you have accumulated not by the character of a person.
Right now there is a 2 Million dollar trailer on a Manhattan street for Will Smith while he is filming Men In Black III. Success should be calculated by loving acts, help to community, generosity rather than greed. He believes that the entire human race is connected. We are all hardwired to cooperate. If you don’t do what your heart wants you to do, it can destroy you.
Nature is very clear that there is one fundamental law that mankind breaks everyday. The law that has evolved over billions of years is that nothing in nature takes more than it needs. The redwood tree doesn’t take all the soil’s nutrients, just what it needs to grow. A lion does not kill every gazelle, just one. Cancer in your body takes more than its share. Tom felt like he was part of a cancer. He couldn’t have enough stuff.
So, who are you? Do you need the materialistic life to make you happy? Or just what you need to sustain life? Are you the author of your life? Or, are you following what other people lives are about? Tom gave up his mansion up for a mobile home. We used to worship people for doing something, something remarkable . Now we give the word Celebrity to people that do nothing like the Kardashion girls and the Jersey Shore clan.
We now have “Reality ” TV. There is nothing real about these shows. If they were real they would be considered boring. They are sensational. If we follow these shows, we are the Cancer that is feeding the farce. Be grateful for the people in your life that do the filthiest jobs because they make you feel better.
Tom now lives in 1,000 square feet and insists that he is happier. The question is , Is the essential nature of humans to cooperate or to dominate? Do we need kingdom or democracy? Cooperation is more valuable than competition. Competition without boundaries can be criminal. The basis of nature is cooperation just look at any species in how they migrate in groups making every turn together from schools of fish to groups of birds.
Nature has been around for billions of years. Humans have only been around for 175 thousand years. We still haven’t got the cooperation thing down yet. Humans are always fighting each other over power or land or riches. We haven’t learned how to cooperate with each other. We give ourselves titles to simply say I am better than you, and that probably is not the case.
Think food. You have to have a empty stomach to eventually feel full again after a good meal. The wealthy are always full and never feel a new sense of satisfaction. They just need more and don’t know why. Who cares about who dies in my journey for more and more wealth?
Science has proven that there is a compassion nerve in our bodies. “ Big parts of our nervous systems, our brains, little chemicals in our blood stream, all shaped by genes are there to help us connect, care and share.” says, Dacher Keltner Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley. There is a vast group called the Vegas nerve in our bodies. It is when your chest expands and you tear up at a good part in a movie or when someone or a dog is rescued. The sensation and rush of emotion.
Someone tell the world leaders that we are all connected. Tell the greedy bastards to only take what you need and for you, pursue your inner happiness for a good life.

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