Monday, September 26, 2011

Rage Against The Machine has a guy Tom Morello who is just like Obama. Although he is a musician for the band, he is also politically charged. He has an album out now called “Tom Morello The Night Watchman” and calls it world wide rebel songs.
Recently Tony Bennett got hammered for saying what he feels, free speech, which means if you want to continue making money, you have to apologize for something. There is a hysteria that follows every crisis that makes people more paranoid. Tom points out that after 911, even songs were banned from the airwaves of radio that have been around forever that we all sing along to.
Songs like Imagine from the Beatles, Walk Like An Egyptian from the Bangles, You Dropped A Bomb on me by the Gap Band but the entire catalogue of Rage Against The Machine was banned. The discussion about these issues should be discussed not censored by the government or society. There is nothing wrong with putting something out there and saying, “There, I said It” and most people that say something controversial don’t really want to apologize for anything, They are really happy for getting their statements off of their chest.
Tom Morello is just like the president in that he started being a scheduling secretary for Senator Allen Cranston for a number of years. He is ethnically like the president in that he is half Kenyon. He is like the president in that he is also a Harvard graduate. Like the president he is from Illinois. And most importantly. Like the president, Tom has been on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.
Tom claims that he is unlike the president in that he has balls. Tom wants Obama to stop trying to please everyone and wants him to fight against the Tea Party. Fight in congress for the working class and poor in this country. He is fighting back through his music. Currently we have a broken government comprised of opposing sides. Nothing will be accomplished unless the radicals, reformers and reactionaries get together and truly try to solve problems.
We have a divided government and the only way to get anything passed is if they can find a way to reason together. Face it, Wall Street and corporate America own America and that is why nothing is being done for the people. America is due for a major protest like the protestors in the Middle East. We did it before with the hippies of the 60’s who said the the Vietnam conflict was not worth fighting for. Now we have our young men and women volunteering to fight for weapons of mass destruction that don’t exist. Their torso comes home because all their limbs have been blown off by friendly fire.
They come home to no job and Mom and Dad just lost the family home to foreclosure. The cost of everything has risen that you can’t even afford to buy healthy food. We have pipelines all over Alaska for oil profits but no troops saving our land from out of control forest fires and no pipe lines with water for our cattle and farms. Americns need to protest how they are being treated by our elected officials.

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