Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Republican or Democratic. Yes, we still have roughly two years before we vote for the next president and we have to at least take sides in the matter. Recently I watched two Republican debates with what I think is an open mind. From the first overview, the group looks like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I hardly recognize the name or faces of most of the candidates. You almost wish Sara Palin or Hillary Clinton was up there too. At least we all know who they are and we need more women up for grabs, America is ready.
As usual, many subjects were discussed and there are always a few standouts to put the boxing gloves on first to throw personal accusations around. Usually about who is the worst liar like the barbs between Rick Perry and well anyone he can pick on.
I’m not going to get caught in the web of politico’s and take anyone’s side. Lets just judge by what the audience did in response to some of the things discussed. There was a gay military guy who had a question about sex in the military, he was booed and told by Rick Santorum that sex doesn’t belong in the military.
Keeping score, they applauded executions, cheered letting an uninsured man die and booed the active serviceman. Then there is the evolution debate between the Bible and scientific theory. Yes, the Bible wins with this group. Close the hospitals and pray for healing gets cheers.
Then there is poor old graying Obama on the democratic side. Ron Suskind the author of Confidence Men states that Obama is better now than when he got to Washington. Remember he was in charge of nothing when he got here, just his one man show. He is suddenly in charge of the most complex managerial organization on the planet , the American government.
He then surrounds himself with essentially the same group of cabinet members that Bill Clinton had in is Presidency. Obama was only a Senator for a short amount of time. People voted for him because he was new and not part of the old boys club in Washington but he was inexperienced at being a manager.
Obama arrived as something of a Messiah. He had a 70% approval rating and 2 Million people stormed Washington welcoming him peacefully on the Mall on inauguration day. That was his big chance to reform the way money flows in this country with so much support from this country’s citizens. Just in the past few days the stock market dropped 700 points without much reaction because Americans are too exhausted to react. Once you are slapped enough, it really doesn’t hurt anymore. We are numb from our financial worries.
He had an opportunity to cast this country to new greatness with all his “change” themed speeches. So, you sit back with a drink and look back on the past 2 years and reflect despite our present troubles.
His list of achievements is still remarkable. He diverted a depression, he saved the American automobile industry, got health care passed for every citizen, Wall Street reform, we have a Consumer Protection Bureau, reformed student loans, cut the fees on credit cards, got the troops out of Iraq, repealed don’t ask don’t tell, put two women on the Supreme Court and even killed Bin Laden. No wonder the guy has grey hair.
After all that, Obama has a cense of confidence and changed most of his staff to his handpicked guys. He knows now how to handle his opposition and force his ideas through. The book is about Obama’s evolution as a leader. Unfortunately, he only has a few months left to sell more confidence to the American public before the campaign season swallows him up. There are a whole bunch of born again Christians, tea party folks , racists, poor folks, unemployed and foreclosed homeless folks waiting polishing their boots to kick him out.

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