Friday, September 23, 2011

Cary Grant was a drug addict! So says Dyan Cannon who reveals the secret of LSD use during her marriage to Grant. She tells this tale and other interesting things about the kind, handsome old guy we all grew up knowing in the movies in her new book titled “Dear Cary, My Life With Cary Grant.” He is dead now for awhile, so, why call your book Dear Cary and reveal something years after his death that I’m sure was a very personal thing especially in those days. We are talking about drug use long before the hippy days of the 60’s and 70’s when we thought drugs were cool.
Cannon is really old now and met Grant when she was 23 years old and he was in his 50’s and they married. Pretty scandalous then. She must need the money now from book sales however the book cover is a great old picture and it reveals another difficult life from a well known kind and loved celebrity.
Sleeping with Cary Grant was probably every woman’s dream one day ago but Dyan Cannon did and had him for awhile. In her book, Dyan Cannon shares the story of her romance and marriage to him. She believes that he was attracted to her because she was one of the few women who said no to his advances. Of course, eventually she gave in and said yes.
He had a tough childhood. At ten years old his mother died and his father was an alcoholic and as the only child, he missed her greatly. The father married a much younger girl and has a child with her and tells Cary there is no room for him in his new life. He is then forced to live with his cousins. He never got over the abandonment issues in his life. He then left for a traveling theater group when he was 13 years old.
In 1965 Cannon and Grant married, soon after they had their only child, Jennifer. She reveals that during that time he was taking the LSD in an effort to “create peace in his life.” He wrote about it years ago in Ladies Home Journal and mentioned over 100 trips according to Cannon. Now, who thinks acid is therapeutic? We all know that it is a haluciagen that makes you see crazy images.
She says that he tried to make her take the drug in an effort to improve their marriage. Why didn’t she write this book when he was alive so that he could at least agree or disagree with these accusations? She says that he became very critical, moody and controlling of her after the baby was born.
In defense of him. She never saw a trace of homosexuality in him even though there were rumors that he had affairs with men. Dyan was his 4th marriage and said that the sex was great and that she was the only woman that gave him a child. The rumors were him with Randolph Scott, another actor.
She left him because she reluctantly took the LSD that made her crazy and had a breakdown. It resulted in her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She took a lot of pills and smoked marijuana. Collectively they both took a lot of drugs. She always saw him in a calm state because she believed that he took a valium to calm him.
Why reveal his habit if you say you still love him and that he was kind and sweet and wonderful and gorgeous as she describes him? When you are the 4th wife and only wife still living , don’t throw him under the buss. Let us all remember him as the great guy we all knew in his movies.

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