Sunday, September 11, 2011

Superdads used to be a great father. Not any more. Now they are associated with super sperm donors that are never a dad. They are sperm donors that end up fathering many many kids. There is one donor that has 150 kids from 150 sperm donations. His hand must hurt!
‘Superdads,” Sperm donors who father dozens or hundreds of children, are on the rise. One American man has fathered over 150 kids alone. There are ethical problems here. Life should not be bought or sold and we can have the problems of a “super” race and the problems of interbreeding down the sperm road. No regulation exists on this issue. The United States does not limit the numbers of kids who can be conceived from one donor.
You can literally order sperm from websites, pay the fees and UPS will deliver it to you. You have to buy your own turkey baster though and that is it!! Some day you could be dating your own cousin or relative and not even know it. Dictators like Attila The Hun have been known to rape and pillage women in every country they have conquered. Now we have ordinary men doing this for profit. I guess it is not a difficult way to make a living literally by creating lives.
For example there is The New England Cryogenic Center Inc, who are reproductive suppliers since 1971. Here you answer about 10 brief questions about your preferences in appearance of a child. Here is a simple form you fill out on their website easily found by searching sperm donors on the web. No more dating, no more looking for a handsome guy across the bar no commitment. Apparently successful women want it this way now.
Here is an actual page from the Cryogenic site:
Catalog SearchTo perform a detailed search of our donor catalog, select the desired criteria and click on Submit.

Top of Form 1

Hair Color
Skin tone
Eye color
Weight: (at least)
Height: (at least)
Blood type
Release of Identity

Donor Selection Services


Donor Specimen ICI$445
Donor Specimen IUI$545
Release of Identity Donor Specimen ICI$565
Release of Identity Donor Specimen IUI$665
A.R.T. Vials$260
Release of Identity Donor A.R.T. Vials$360
Donor Selection Consultation (1 hour)$200
Donor Profile – shortFREE
Donor Profile – long(10-17 pages)
Through our website
By First Class Mail$20
By Priority Mail$25
By Fax (per page)$1.50
Annual Storage Fee
*Up to 36 vials
Specimen Order & Ship Same Day$100
Cancellation Fee, Day of Shipping $125
Withdrawal Fee of Specimen
Redeposit Fee
(specimen not used)
Inventory Search Fee
(non-active) donor
Sterile Insemination Pipettes$20

Shipping & Handling Fees

Local Delivery by Courier

Greater Boston area$110
Outside Route 128/I-95$130
Courier waiting fee
(per 1/2 hour after 1st 15 minutes)
2-Day Shipping$160
Priority Overnight$195
Saturday Delivery Additional$60
International ShippingQUOTED
Tank deposit on all Int'l orders$850
Flat Rate Tank Rental$135
Additional Rental (per day)$35
Tank Preparation Fee$50
Lost or Damaged Tank$850
 This is the actual page from a supplier that boasts that the donors are taken from guys that attend great colleges. That is the way they try to imply that your kid will not be an idiot. The way you can even choose eye color and hair color can also lead women to choose a super race like Hitler wanted . After all ,what woman will choose ugly whatever that is. Maybe it is a good thing and the world should only be populated with smart, and beautiful. Does that even exist? 

Then you get into the whole racisms issue. My wife believes in a bit of racism to preserve the races. A big purple black man is as beautiful as the palest petit Asian as beautiful as the platinum blond all originally from different parts of the world. Predictors predict that by 2300 at the rate if race swapping is going on, the world will look pretty much the same. The gene pot will be stirred completely and most people will be tanned, slightly Asian eyes, and lighter brown kinky or curly hair. Nothing wrong with that except it will be boring. Diversity is interesting and good but will not happen if we don’t keep pure breads around. Hey, that is what she says. I’m keeping out of the race thing but it is an interesting issue. Should discrimination exist to preserve a pure bread or race?
And then there is the pricing. Yes everything cost money these days. Sperm used to be for free. Most women have to fight off men to get away from their sperm. Most men give it willingly and often to a good hot, well, you know. Now there is many costs and fees. I had to show you this page too.

Girls, If you have lots of digits in your checkbook you can buy the perfect man who will be delivered in a nitrogen filled tank for freshness of course and provide you with the perfect child. Now, since he is also providing any other woman with the perfect child also, the kids could meet and interbreed and produce oh well.

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