Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ryan Seacrest is no longer just another pretty boy talking head everywhere. In fact he wasn’t that unique. He grew up looking quite ordinary. He has had a tremendous make over personally and financially. He is one ordinary guy who got a few breaks in the industry but has seemed to invest well and create a lot of income for himself.
He is best known as the host of American Idol. It happens to be the most watched television show in the nation. Most people hate him because he is relentlessly happy or upbeat. So far, he’s never been involved in any scandal either. Now he is known as the busiest man in show business. He finds time to visit Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia where young patients are benefiting from his efforts.
It is not just a photo opportunity for him and the public. He is building an empire. It is called The Voice. Built out of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, it is being built in as many hospitals as he can get to. It is high tech TV and radio studios designed to give young patients something to take their minds off of the illnesses they are being treated for. It is the age of I pods for everyone and music soothes everyone. Why not be able to record and distribute or simply play around with Karaoke while you are in the hospital?
The kids really look forward to their time in the studio. It is a great distraction from what the children are experiencing. He is so busy because he makes it a point to visit each studio in each hospital. Charlie Sheen types of famous guys only go to the hospitals just to pick up more kids they fathered with various women or are there for some emergency rehab for behaving badly.
Besides Idol and The Voice, he is also the host of a top Los Angeles morning radio show on KISS FM. Don’t forget he is the co-host on CABLE TV OF THE E Network News.
It is all done in a cheerfully bland style. He admits that it is not his goal to be controversial. No revealing tweets, happy to be just there but in the process, he is everywhere. He leaves the controversy and revealing tweets to the girls he owns. Yes, he is the executive producer and driving force ok lets call him the nice pimp of the reality TV hits Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the spin offs Khloe & Lamar, and Courtney & Kim Take New York.
Those girls have made him even richer. Not a bad investment since Kim’s recent wedding got her big pay days for the first photos and he carefully crafted airing her wedding for 4 hours on the reality shows. Who knew that these bimbos would be so camera hungry. Most reality show actors end up in some kind of rehab or family members commit suicide or simply disappear. No, these girls are taking their 5 minutes of fame to seasons of nonsense right to the bank.
I forgot to mention that he is also the first guy we see every new year. Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is also now hosted by Ryan. Every New Year’s Eve, Ryan is in Times Square in New York to orchestrate the ball drop for the next digit in our lives. It is great to be chosen to be the elderly stroke ridden Dick Clark’s golden boy. Clark’s power in the industry is great to jump on the bandwagon of connections and opportunities Clark has to offer an nice guy like Ryan.
Every Oscar night he is a fixture on the red carpet. Maybe he doesn’t have any time to behave badly. Charlie! Take Notes! Yes, the ordinary chubby boy all his life with glasses on constantly now is handsome, fit, no glasses, ever a multi-millionaire, in perpetual-motion. More impressive is that he started as far from Hollywood as a guy can get.
Born on Christmas Eve in 1974, he was raised in Georgia , the son of a Attorney and homemaker. He had a passion for cupcakes and radio and started with a local station. Then he went to Los Angeles and his career grew. He has been with Idol since 2002 and his popularity soared. This guy has luck. The show did not have to be so popular and the Kardashian girls did not have to be such media whores. He got Jack Pot twice!
Food is still an issue in his life. So, instead of just watching his diet, he also is an investor in about 6 restaurants. This includes the super chef Thomas Keller’s Bishon Bistro in Beverly Hills. Before he just wanted to be able to get a reservation at the restaurants, now he practically owns them. It is almost like a former gambler owning a Casino.
He was thought at one time to be gay but he is proving everyone wrong in the sex department with his serious dating of Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars fame. He likes the balance she gives to his life since he is working all the time.

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