Thursday, August 25, 2011

Information is out that the 9-11 disaster could have been avoided. The guy who gave the truth to the press had charges against him to go to jail for 35 years. In a few weeks we are approaching yet another Memorial service to remember the thousands of innocent civilians who died in the two impressive towers that day in September.
The New York skyline will never be the same. Now, many years later we have to look forward to seeing waterfalls occupying the square spaces where those impressive buildings stood. It has been years ago and our government never held anyone accountable for dropping the ball and allowing this disaster, this breach of our nations security to happen.
The American taxpayer paid for the national security bills and we certainly did not get a return for our money. There wasn’t even a show of our expensive Air Force flying in the skies any time after the buildings came down. The security communication system cost only 3 Million and wasn’t used. The General in charge of the NSA wanted a system that would cost at least 1.5 Billion dollars that was never used and abandoned. 
It has been revealed that nearly 2 years before the time of the 911 Disaster our National Security Agency the largest Intelligence Agency in the country was tracking 3 of the highjackers but that information was not analyzed in a way that could uncover the plot. The NSA had a powerful tool that might have had a chance to stop the events of that day.
The Agency insider, Thomas Drake, who has revealed to everyone this information and who thought taxpayer money was being wasted on useless intelligence gathering projects while promising new technology was being ignored was fired. Don’t fire the messenger fire the idiots that allowed this disaster to happen!
The messenger, Thomas Drake was charged under the Espionage Act and was accused of betraying his country. Since when is NOTIFYING the country is a crime. The idiots who dropped the ball never were held accountable for the disaster but they charged this guy real fast. There is a lot of scum in high places in our government.
Tom Drake says the only thing he betrayed was NSA mismanagement. Tom has an impressive resume serving our country. He never imagined that he would be labeled an enemy of the United States. He flew spy missions in the Air Force in the Cold War. In the Navy he analyzed intelligence for the joint Chiefs. In the Pentagon, he worked for defense contractors. He was our guy that was involved in the highly technical world of electronic eavesdropping. Yes, he was our spy!
He became expert in sophisticated top secret computer software. His career rose in 2001 to having a senior executive job at the National Security Agency. His first day on the job was 9-11. He knew the disaster was a fundamental systemic breakdown of American security. Part of the failure was in its outdated technology.
The NSA eavesdrops on the communications of the world. In the 1990’s it was becoming ineffective and overwhelmed by the explosion of digital data. That is wired, wireless, phone, computers now social networks and twitter. In a flash everyone had cell phones and were sending messages via computers. The Agency could not keep up with the data and couldn’t even store or analyze the important conversations by suspected terrorists. Clues they had pointing to 9-11 went unread!!!!
Other executives of the Agency did not think that 9-11 was a total surprise. They knew there was a vulnerability, a lack of analyzing the data that put the country in a weak position. One of the executives realizing the countries vulnerability, was starting in the late 90’s to implement a updated system . The mathematician led the development of a revolutionary computer system that would collect, isolate, and connect important information like phone calls and financial transactions. Its code name was Thin Thread.
It was a great solution that they were trying to implement before the attack on America. They wanted it to be used 9 months before the attack. The NSA executives are absolutely sure that if the new system was in place, the disaster would have been avoided. Since the attack, the phone calls HAVE been traced to the attackers.
The agency had plans to get the 3 guys that successfully murdered thousands of innocent civilians on our soil in our country! This is the great tragedy ! What could have been! Even after the disaster, skeptics did not want the new system to be implemented.
Lieutenant General Michael Hayden, the head of the agency wanted instead to launch a massive modernization program code named Trailblazer. It was supposed to do all that Thinthread did and much more. Enormous deals were signed with outside defense contractors instead of paying for it ourselves. Thin thread cost only 3 Million dollars Trailblazer would run more than a Billion and take years to develop.
Drake believes that it was a career move of the Lieutenant to go with a large project. Drake said, “ Careers are built on projects and programs; the bigger the better the career.” This is just another story of Washington’s competing defense projects except Trailblazer was in trouble from the start.
CONTRACTORS BURNED THROUGH HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over years and still couldn’t give the NSA the capabilities it needs to keep track of terrorists. Cost overruns soared and deadlines were broken. Drake complained to his bosses, then privately he informed the intelligence committees on Capitol Hill. He sought out Diane Roerick, the top republican staffer on the House Intelligence Committee who was responsible for overseeing the NSA. Read her name at the memorial for not doing her job! Expose the bastards like the General!
She knew that Drake went everywhere trying to implement a affordable change to intelligence gathering. He went to Congress that are sexting on their phones, he went to the Senate as well as the House! He went by the book internally and got nowhere. All those bastards are either at a re-election dinner or on vacation.
After 9-11 Roerick new that Congressional committees were reluctant to kill any intelligence program even one as mismanaged as Trailblazer. Drake became the most important witness for 2 years in a complaint to the Deputy Inspector General for Intelligence. In the end the investigation was stamped Classified.
Classified means it is hidden from public view. However, the White House yes, Mr. Bush was authorizing people in the US to be listened to without a warrant from a judge. Here Drake is going through the proper channels and the White House does whatever it wants to do illegally.
Drake had enough. After 4 years of trying to go through proper channels, Drake told the press what was going on but never released classified information. After the press releases, the FBI raided the homes of Drake, Diane Roarick and other executives. Is Bush working like the Mob? Only Drake was charged.
Drake saw 9-11 happen, knew that some part was due to corruption and mis-management. He breached his confidentially statues because he was fed up with the lack of action and high costs of a program going no-where. The Trailblazer has cost us 1.2 Billion dollars and then WAS CANCELLED!
The General retired. In 2006 he admitted it was a failure because he was trying to overachieve. Now Congress has revoked the NSA to have any large projects for 5 years.
Recently, a Federal judge has said that Drake was severely treated for his efforts to implement a affordable communication system and should not have been punished for telling the press. Instead of 35 years in prison, Drake was sentenced to community service. Someone should read this story at the Memorial service this year and finally tell the truth . The victims families deserve at least the answer to WHY their loved ones died.

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  1. I think that it is not possible to tell them the truth, because it would be the end of our society as we know it.