Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jump on the stripper pole! It is just a pole after all and everyone is working out on it even guys these days. Watch this season’s America’s Got Talent competition on TV. There is a guy competing for the Million dollar pay day on the pole. No stripper ever got that. You are even considered talented in this country if you straddle the metal. I think the first pole handlers were men. Yeah firemen! Of course, nothing is as creative as what you see the women do.
Pole dancing is found in strip joints and gentlemen’s clubs. I never saw a gentleman come out of any of those places. It elevates the unbelievable fit woman to new heights in their 5 inch heels so they don’t have to roll around on the elevated floor for dollar bills. Women are great. Some will do anything. Watching this puts most people in a hypnotic state. It is graceful and titillating because the moves are fluid and the girls are practically naked.
Now it is becoming bipolar. It’s traditional naughtiness is now being classed up. It has become a mainstream sport. I think it is in the Olympics now. Recently there was a U.S. Pole Dance Championship held in New York City. The house witnessed immense strength and agility from the athletes. Yes, now they are athletes no longer strippers. No G-strings, no pasties on their nipples no fistfuls of dollar bills.
Many Americans now have poles in their own homes. Soccer Moms in Ohio are even pole dancing. There are exotic dance workshops. Experts in the field , I mean on the pole are giving lessons, performing at parties and selling poles. I hope they make night deliveries. I’m not sure I want the neighbors seeing a pole being installed in the bedroom. Agh! Who cares what those bastards think.
The Moms are dropping the kids off at their activities and then going for a session on the pole. The experts can hold themselves on the pole with just their thighs. Most just swing around it with their vagina. Every girl should have a cold metal pole right on their vagina. Right? Sounds annoying and painful but girls are great.
The champions are innovative performance artists. Their moves are shocking but also enlightening. The sport is recombining mainstream out of the sleazy strip clubs under bridges. The Competition was held I Symphony Space, a place known for its fabulous Classical music concerts.
There is a U.S. Pole Dancing Federation now. The founders call it pole fitness. An athletic art form. Well, somebody has to clean up the reputation and get those dollar bills out of their crotches. They have rules: Keep your tops on, no vulgar music, no excessive bootie shaking but they kept the 5-8 inch heals on.
It is a booming business now that it is out of the strip clubs. It has even created jobs. Pole cleaner, Yes, women are sliding up the pole to polish the metal and getting paid to do it. America needs jobs after all. The women are sultry contortionists. These women that can be so creative with their expression are talented performers and should have more dignity associated with their abilities. They make a ordinary pole part of an extraordinary experience.
The winner of the competition wore feathers on her panties and did a routine to music from the ballet Swan Lake. She was expressive and was able to tell a story in movement. No one tried to stick a dollar bill between her feathers. She is an artist! After her performance, the competition looked like it belonged in a Symphony Hall or a performing arts center.

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