Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leave Sara alone. Many male politicians are involved in too many scandals. She isn’t bad to look at and she actually had a pretty good track record in Alaska as Governor. Ok, she doesn’t answer questions about what newspapers she reads or what Paul Revere did but she also doesn’t make sexual advances on her staff, on the internet or take political fund raisers to strip clubs. I think she can spell potato. Our vice-President Dan Qualle couldn’t spell but kept his job. So, she can hire people who read newspapers and know American history. Can it be worse than the people we have in government today?
Sara Palin deserves to be back in the news in a big way. Governor Palin demonstrated as Governor many of the qualities we expect from our best leaders. When she was Governor of Alaska she did some remarkable things that have gone ignored by all the sex crazy suits in government today. She went in and took on the Republican party that was so corrupt that at the time, if you remember, the FBI came in and marched dozens of men in handcuffs for all the corruption that was taking place in Alaska out of the government buildings.
She took on “Big Oil” when no one knew how to handle the companies. ExxonMobil and BP and others have destroyed the environment, pay no taxes and control oil prices in America. She solved the problem that had been at the heart of politics in Alaska at that time. They could not find a way to tax the oil companies that were charging high prices for its product. Oil companies literally owned the State Legislature.
Palin came in and passed a law that resulted in a 12 Billion dollar surplus for the state. Then she got the call from McCain and all hell broke loose. The American monarchy couldn’t deal with a young attractive woman who could and change things. The old boys club would have nothing of the kind. They brought out any trash she could think of to discredit her and they succeeded.
Before her McCain partnership to run fore the Presidency she was wildly popular not with just Republicans, but with Liberals, Independents, Progressives and crazy’s too. Especially among women who needed to see a fresh face in politics. There are two main reasons why she is not that widely popular person anymore.
She gave an impressive speech at the convention about Obama and community organizing and was interpreted as the fire breathing Christian conservative. The impression at the end looked like she was incapable of defending herself. There is a film that came out about her that at least addresses her accomplishments. It is made by a big conservative film maker.
It is a shame that she was actually a very effective governor and hasn’t been able to promote herself effectively. Despite any trivial failing she may have many believe that she could win the next political race including Howard Dean. It is great for the elitist to laugh at her to justify their position, however she could win !
The fact is that 40% of America would not vote for Obama even if he could save them from drowning. People tend to vote for the person they hate the least not the one they like the most. The economy is in the worst condition ever in this Country. People are really ready for change and not the kind Obama gave us.
To get elected she needs the backing of Fox news even though their practices have been exposed. Is anyone running a clean life or business? We have entered the “why the hell not phase” of the republican party. If you look at the last gallop pole she was 2 points behind Mitt Romney.

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