Monday, July 25, 2011

Weiner's weiner scandal.  Nothing is getting done in our government because all those suits are spending their time having sex scandals while they continue to spend their six figure salaries that never fall to budget cuts. The bored government officials never had committees to monitor the spending of Obama’s spending spree because they were to busy having sex. Both the Republicans and Democrats have a long list of any possible scandal you could think of.
Most recently is David Wu of D.C. who was having an affair with the teenage daughter of a family friend. Senator Daniel Inouye accused of sexual harassment from numerous women. Barney Frank ran a male prostitution service from his home. Even the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has an affair with Anita Hill. In Wisconsin Republican State Senator Randy Hopper while claiming to still live with his wife was actually living outside the district he represents with a much younger 25 year old mistress.
The Family Values NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) uses a strip club named Forty Deuce in Las Vegas for fundraising gatherings. Ray Ashburn, the Conservative Republican California State Senator was arrested in March 2010 for drunk driving after reportedly leaving a gay bar and has now acknowledged that he is gay. Ashburn, a divorced father of 4 has repeatedly voted in opposition to gay rights and in 2005 hosted a rally in favor of “traditional marriage.” He has voted against expanding anti-discrimination laws to include sexual orientation.
Nothing compares to the outspoken Anthony Weiner who had a $175,000 salary, who demanded respect on the congressional floor by yelling at everyone who graphically posted nude pictures of himself and had phone sex that could make him a writer for porn movies.
So, don’t teach your children how to read by reading this together. Here is the actual transcript verbatim of the conversation former Congressman Anthony Weiner had to a blackjack dealer Lisa from Las Vegas:
Lisa: Are you as passionate in the sack as you are about politics?
Weiner: Baby, you’d be crawling to the door to prevent me from fucking you silly!
Lisa: Nice, just what I’m looking for. I want to bang the next Mayor of New York City!
Weiner: Making me hard!
Lisa: I love that you are always hard when I talk to you.
Weiner: I’m horny a lot. Sorry.
Lisa: I’m so attracted to you I’d probably come in about 5 minutes.
Weiner: When am I going to get some pictures of Lisa to jerk off to?
Lisa: You know I got no camera. Touch your giant cock for me.
Weiner: It needs your pussy juice.
Lisa: I have lots to offer you.
Weiner: Off to the shower, this thing is bobbing up and down.
Lisa: Wish I was in the shower for you to help.
Weiner: You give good head?
Lisa: I’ve been told that I give really good head and I love doing it.
Weiner: I love a Jewish girl who loves to suck cock. This thing could do real damage.
Lisa: I talk like a filthy whore but I am a nice wholesome Jewish girl. I love when a guy jerks off on the phone for me. That is so hot. I at least need to hear your voice when you come.
Weiner: You will surely make noise when I take you deep. I will tell you how tight your pussy feels.
Lisa: It is very tight. I hope I can handle that big cock of yours. I will be sore for days.
Weiner: Ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. Want to see?
Lisa: Yeah! Can you send a picture? I want to sit on your cock right now!
Weiner: Jeez , I’m rushing, let me take a quick picture right now.
Lisa: Awesome. How do I get it? Right here?
Weiner: It won’t go away. And now I’m taking pictures of it making me harder still!
Lisa: So hot! You’re making me wet again!
Weiner: Jeez , I have to go I’ll hit you later.
Lisa: You get to work and save my country from those cock sucking Republicans.
Weiner: I like it when you talk about cock sucking!
This is the work he did while his wife is 3 months pregnant. She is also Hillary Clinton's personal assisstant who also earns $175,000.00 a year.  He was a favorite of Senator Schumer to be the next Mayor of New York. America! You could do much better!

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