Thursday, July 28, 2011

How do supermodels stay and look so young? Any man their age well, looks their age not so young. Do they have super secrets? Women are always expected to look great or ignored. Most women are only desired between age 20-30 and going out with men ten or more years older than them. It is important for a woman to be eternally beautiful and a man filthy rich. Then, everyone’s happy. It is easy to get rich. Focus and work hard. Not so easy to stay beautiful.
Each supermodel has a different “secret” to their ageless beauty. I know it is essential for them to maintain their beauty as long as they can because their income relies on their product. Themselves. Heidi Klum says as you get older it is better that you don’t get too thin. She has been around for about 20 years, still looks great and has had 4 children.
Brooke Shields is 45 years old. Paulina Porizkovaa is 46. Heidi Klum turns 38 this year. All these beauties and others have seemed to unlock the secret to beauty at any age. They are all still working and working in the glamorous part of their lives. It is no secret that exercise and diet is essential for health, but could the girls rely heavily on great genes to put them at the top of the beauty line?
These women aren’t aging gracefully; they don’t look like they are ageing much at all. Heidi Klum is old enough to know that in the entertainment business that one day you can be sought after by everyone and shortly thereafter it is quite possible to not be sought after by anyone. She was a former Victoria’s Secret supermodel.
Brooke Shields has been an actress and model for most of her life. Her beauty secret is to stay fit through spinning, and yoga “I like to spin at least three times a week at least and couple it with yoga. I’ve been dancing on Broadway for years. so when I’m in a show, my muscle memory comes right back.
Paulina Porizkova has been a model since her teen years. She boasts that she has never had any work to her face. She swears that her beauty success is due to always using sunscreen, “I’ve used SPF religiously since my twenties.” As a supermodel for Este Lauder, she asked the scientists there, What is the most important thing in skin care. They hooked her on to the use everyday of SPF.
Best known for her “Top Chef” show on the Bravo Nerwork, the host Padma Lakshmi is 40 years old and is also a fashion model. Also a Mother, she joins the club of the super ageless. She says that she eats very healthy. “I eat much more fruits, vegetables, greens, lentils, beans probably more than the average American. I drink more than 2 liters of water a day.”
Obviously all these women boast of natural remedies to ageing but plastic surgeons are proud to say most are now seeking their help to keeping their youthful glow. I want to know why everyone can say with a little scrutiny, Oh , she has had work done! A true beauty has not had any “work” done and still looks great! Those plastic surgeons want everyone to do maintenance, botox, fillers and plastic. I don’t want any of that junk inside of my favorite girl!

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