Saturday, July 9, 2011

America is ready for a woman President but there aren’t any good candidates surfacing to the top of the leader board. Ever since Geraldine Ferraro poked her head into the election arenas back 20 years ago, we have had a bit of a rash for women in politics. Recently there was Sara Palin who also showed her colors as a Vice-Presidential Candidate.
Geraldine was side swiped by the financial dealings of her husband, Sara said a few dumb things and the press made her look like a total idiot meanwhile many of the male politicians are no geniuses either. Hillary Clinton probably should have been President but a black male trumps a woman. Who could have figured that Obama could have pulled it off by beating a white woman in this still racist world?  It didn’t help that she couldn’t keep Bill Clinton satisfied sexually. Imagine 2 terms of Bill and then possibly 2 terms of Hillary. I bet there wouldn’t have been any deficit and a lot more happy people in America. However, that was just a notion that obviously now could never come true. Most likely Obama will get his second term if he keeps pumping out good surprises like the killing of Bin Laden.
Back to the woman. In particular to the Palin tribe. They are true politician types because they are capitalizing on their 15 minutes of fame all the way to the bank like any other steeling politician. First there was the Alaska show, then the bus tour, the daughter Bristol on Dancing With The Stars. I didn’t even know she was a star. Apparently if you get knocked up while your parents are out campaigning you are a star!
They are not done yet. Now Bristol Palin is to star in a new reality series about her life on the Bio Channel. The hundred thousand dollars she got paid on Dancing With The Stars paid for recent plastic surgery to alter her nose and chin. This girl is only in her twenties! Is her message to teens to get pregnant and capitalize on your mistakes?
She is moving to Los Angeles with her son Tripp to shoot the show. The lame stream media has a new candidate even though Sara always claimed that she would not cater to this type of bogus press. Bristol popped her head into the media world by starting a foundation for Abstinence. People donated to spread the cause for teens to keep their legs closed. She drew a $262,000 salary from the donations while the actual organization only dispersed $35,000 in grants to pregnancy clinics.
OUTRAGEOUS And like every other political family, they get away with these things. We just take a little bit more notice with this family because they are well known. And better to look at than some guy in a suit. They also managed to get their 501C3 Tax Deduction to pay for her unnecessary cosmetic plastic surgery for a 20 year old. How did she become the poster child for Abstinence when she got knocked up by the other character Levi Johnston who posed sexually for a magazine. More Money!
We need a good woman candidate that is not covered in controversy of any kind and who does not capitalize from their 15 minutes of fame. She has not surfaced yet and may never because the media and press swipe down and pick at their brains, families and homeland until the girls have no choice but to join the old boy’s club and do shameless self -promotion till they have sucked the money and time and energy out of the American public as well. Yes, America the land of opportunity! For Some.

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