Sunday, July 10, 2011

The judicial system has just proved how ridiculous it can be with the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Bottom line, all the family members should be left with duct tape on their mouths and not be reported missing for a month like what they did to their youngest family member. Finding the young child buried in a ditch is even more horrendous.
We are talking about a 4 year old girl named Caylee not reported missing for a month by any of the adults in her family. If this was a minority child from a crack addicted mother, no one would care or even make the story so sensational. But because the Mother is attractive and is a party girl, we all want to see those pictures. Because their grandparents supposedly cared for their immature party girl daughter and her young child in a well kept home, we want to know how this could have happened.
The public is also crazy, we all saw the video’s on the nightly news of people storming the court house for a closer look at the testimony. Yes, who needs Soap Operas like All My Children on TV anymore. Real life is crazier and we all got to get a closer look! The court should have imposed stricter rules during the chaos that erupted before any testimony was said. Our public buildings are becoming a place of chaos not a place for reasoning and wisdom.
At least we could be grateful in this case for the slow process in our judicial system that kept Casey Anthony in jail for three years without a trail. However, If I thought an innocent person was being kept in jail for three years without a trial I’d be pretty furious. She was charged with four 1st Degree misdemeanor accounts of which each is worth up to a year in prison. She has already served almost 3 years in prison. Do the math and she is out free on July 13. Yes, the jury acquitted her of Murder and is free in a few days.
The Prosecutor Jeff Ashton spent 3 years working on this case. And now plans to retire. Who could respect a system that lets parents and grandparents of young children not be responsible for their fate? In 3 years we still do not know definitively how or why the young child died. A recent friend of mine asked me what I thought of this trial. Like Jeff Ashton who now wishes to give up his career, I did not initially want to comment because of the blatant deformities in the entire situation.
You didn’t need to race to the court house to see the obvious tricks used to win this case. The so called mother never showed any remorse. She never cried or got upset. Yes, tears came during her sentencing and when they showed the gruesome remains of the child. Even the body language was cleverly choreographed by the defense. She always had her hair pinned back like a librarian and her chair was set low to make her appear petite.
On sentencing day, when she knew she would soon be free, the hair came down, all smiles and the chair went up. A new sexier girl. She is free, ready to party and possibly get pregnant again. There is no law that prevents a girl from getting pregnant. Maybe that is the real issue here and the judicial system should address irresponsible families.
Her lawyer said that she was a good Mom. Who was the caretaker the Mom or Grandmother? The drowning in the pool was an accident by June 3rd. There was also plenty of deceit revealed in George Anthony’s testimony the grandparent. It is obvious that this was a crime and all did a bad job of proving it. As juror # 3 Jennifer Ford rightly revealed, the How of her death was never revealed, we assume it was a drowning but after all the testimony, no one knows of the What, Where, Why, or How of the poor child’s death was revealed with any or enough evidence. We still don’t have any answers.
Juror #2 publicly revealed that she wished there was more definitive evidence to put Casey away forever. All we know is that on June 16th her day began with the child and left the house about 1 o’clock , back to the house about 2 o’clock, her father was at work, cell phone records indicate that she was near the house about 4 o’clock then she went to her boyfriend’s house and stayed overnight. He testified that she was not upset at all and did not say the child was missing and later said she doesn’t have to go back home a nanny or someone has the child.
Casey never testified and was never grilled about the events of that day. She should have been forced to recall each and every minute of the day of the child’s disappearance. She should have been grilled as to the where about of the next 31 days without her child; especially since the child started her day with Casey. When do you not have a young child by your side??? Simple question that demands to be answered. It never was answered, so she goes free. Yes loop holes in the system can create changes pro and con for people.
The Constitution gives everyone the right in this country not to have to testify. Yes, we have the right to remain silent. Our judicial systems is in fact in the defendants favor. A common thought is that we would like to see 10 guilty people go free than convict 1 innocent person. In France, you are guilty until proven innocent.
There is a petition going around called Caylee’s Law asking that a new law be passed which would require parents to immediately report to authorities as soon as a child is unaccounted for. We never needed this law at all because all parents do call 911 when their child is missing.
The saddest part of this mess is that the jurors did not think it was enough evidence when the lawyers asked over and over again throughout the trial “Why didn’t you call 911 and report Caylee missing?” The Mom never testified and never answered the question. Luckily officials found the child’s body and at least gave some closure. We pray for the soul of Caylee and hope she is in a much better place now.

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