Friday, July 8, 2011

Imagine making a living by bossing people and even hitting them. Everyone can screw up at their job but never so badly as these three guys. Even as a boss you silently wish you could fire them with each task they sign on to do. Now all people have their lawyers on call and human resources are in your face even if you try to do any of the things these guys do.
Who are they? The Three Stooges. You will probably have to buy a boxed set of their June 19, 1897 yes 114 years ago Moses Horwitz was born in Brooklyn NY. That explains his unique brand of humor only found in Brooklyn. A type of humor only found in Brooklyn even today. It is rough and tough and doesn’t play around.
As a young man with a bowl shaped haircut, he drifted into Vaudeville. He adopted the stage name Moe Howard. In the 1930’s he hit the big time in movies along with his younger brother Jerome, stage name Curley and a friend Larry Fine. They got a hollywood contract and called themselves the 3 Stooges.
Over the years the Stooges slapped and poked and wise guyed their way through over 200 short films. The no holds barred style was all their own. Hitting each other was funny and still is funny but no one will dare to do what they did then today. They have assault charges now. Moe’s older brother Shemp took Curley’s place in 1946. There were a few other changes too. In 1973 Moe with his signature haircut appeared on the old Mike Douglas Show.
Moe Howard died in 1978 at the age of 77 but the Stooges live on to this day. There will be a Three Stooges movie due out later this year called the Farrellys Meet the Stooges, at Last. Directed by brothers Bobby and Peter Farrelly the film will feature 24 Star Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, Will and Grace star Sean Hayes as Larry, and Mad TV Comic Will Sasso as Curley.
Fans of the Stooges never tire of their heroes . There was a convention in 1991 where fans tried to explain their attraction. People identify with them because they make you feel smart. When you sit back and watch these guys, you feel that there are at least 3 other guys that are dumber than me. Yeah, they were dumb. Dumb like a fox all the way to the bank.

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