Sunday, June 5, 2011

There are perfectly famous people who have made a lot of money doing what they do but who need to branch out and try to make more money. Is it greed or ambition? People like Martha Stewart who was making plenty of money cooking but now has her Martha Stewart Collection at K Mart of everything else from cooking utensils to sheets with the Martha Stewart name on it. Even Ty Pennington from Home Edition makes his money building homes for people who wreck their homes and now also sells everything with his designer patterns on it like wallpaper. Well a well known fashion designer has joined the greedy I mean creative rich people that need to branch out.
She is someone that doesn’t really need an introduction. She is Diane Von Furstenberg. She has a flagship New York store that on any day will have customers from all over the world. At 64, after nearly 40 years in business, the legendary designer is still hot. She lost a lot of money in the 80’s but has regained wealth now with her multi-million dollar fashion empire.
Known to have created something to wear from head to toe, ironically Diane has never learned to sew. She was born in Brussels, the daughter of a business executive and a Holocaust survivor. In 1969 after becoming pregnant, she married her boyfriend Prince Egon Von Furstenberg. The rich young couple moved to N.Y.C. and shortly became part of N,Y, society. He was rich, she was beautiful and it should have been the end of the fairytale and not the beginning.
Craving independence, she began drawing sketches of dress designs. By 1976 she sold millions of wrap dresses that seemed to be her signature dress. She made the cover of Newsweek . As in most ambitious women’s careers, her marriage ended but the dress has endured. Mrs. Obama has worn one in a White House Christmas Card. She says, that dress has paid for everything in her life.
After a decade, she has been married to media mogul Barry Diller . She has been with him for 37 years. Von Furstenburg has introduced a new home fashion line. Now, she’ll dress your table too. She has china and glasses full of color and designs. There is also the bed designs for pillows and sheets. She says, What is more important than your bed? Everything important in your life happens in your bed. You dream in your bed, you probably conceive in your bed, you’re comfort zone is in your bed. So, why not have a collection for your designer bed?
The Home Line is part of an expansion. However, the company’s fortune is still wrapped up in the wrap dress. The dress has made so many women happy because it works for a woman of any shape or size and adjusts to the ever expanding and shrinking of women’s sizes. She will never grow tired of success or tired of her dress that has brought her success. It didn’t hurt that she was married to two very wealthy men in their own right. I can smell success but I can’t grasp it and taste it yet.

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